Original title: Difficult to add weaknesses to the point of January 20th, 2021, "I don’t need to be in place in the construction of a honest risk point in the construction project. It is not thorough, and the city investment company has a responsibility to be unbalanced. It is necessary to strengthen public works and land for the city. Make the whole process of the project. "This is a comprehensive view of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Haikou City this year. The problem is in place, and it is required to be clear, and the Haikou City City Company has established a decree. The joint construction unit finds the 10 issues of 4 aspects, adopting 16 rectification measures, and point-to-point to the problem. In recent years, we will focus on the construction of trade-wide construction, Haikou City Discipline Inspection and Monitoring Organs, and the discipline, packing, and plug-in point, providing solid guarantees to promote high quality development. Precision supervision to protect people’s livelihood, and related to the people’s personal interests.

After the Longhua District Central Kindergarten Reform Expansion project is launched, it will not be completed.

"This is the people’s livelihood project, and the project construction must accelerate progress and do it every Monday.

The Dragonfly Inspection and Supervision Group of the Commission of Commission for Discipline Inspection and Communications in the Longhua District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Communications Talk about the head of the education department and the project, requiring the most efforts to solve the problem in the construction. Later, after the expansion of Longhua District Central Kindergarten was put into use, was welcomed by the masses. On that day, the public said that the teacher of the kindergarten teacher said: "After the kindergarten expanded, the grandson entered the park at home, thanked the party and the government to give us this good thing! "Education is a hundred years, the party and the government attach great importance to the people’s attention. In the past, due to the shortage of quality education, Haikou City has violated enrollment enrollment discipline, illegal enrollment, illegal school choices, illegal selection class, illegal to handle admission indicators, etc. There is a comprehensive intervention of these issues. The Supervision of the Haikou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Executive Supervision, and the Municipal Education Bureau will promote special rectification to ensure the fairness of enrollment; Resolutely rectify the problems in the field of education, investigate and deal with multiple violations of enrollment index cases, seriously deal with relevant responsible people, and have strongly curb the violation of the enrollment violations. "From being discussed, it is not easy. "So far, it is said that the work is still in the lag, requiring rectification, and the relevant person in charge of Haikou City People’s Social Security Bureau still feels emotion.

In 2020, due to the implementation of the employment award, Hui En-enterprise aid enterprise policy was not in place, Haikou Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau was informed by the Hainan Provincial People’s Social Security. According to the notification of the Provincial People’s Office, the Haikou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission immediately conducts collective discussions in the middle and level of the Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau to guide the party group to find deep reasons, study specific improvement measures; at the same time, Haikou City People’s Social Security Bureau The discipline inspection and supervision group is inappropriate to check the unannounced visit, dynamically track the implementation of the implementation.

Under the strong supervision of the discipline inspection and supervision, Haikou Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau concurrently, transferred to the wind, strong service, and stabilizing the employment of employment, the head of the provincial and civil society. "That time, everyone is used in three days a day, hard to turn the passive situation of the work.

"The relevant person in charge of Haikou City People’s Social Security Bureau said.

Strict management is in the middle of the supervision and discipline, on the one hand, Haikou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission lists the list of daily supervision, clear 20 supervision and focus, refine 34 supervision measures, and seriously account for the functions of the function; On the one hand, the Supervision Committee of the Haikou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection is not effective, slowly, and encourages the cadres to actively. Under the strong promotion of the Supervision Committee of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, the party organizations at all levels of Haikou City were undergoing responsibility, strict rules, turning models, innovative working methods, and promoting work. "Hainan Self Trading Hong Kong has a preferential policy, our supervision should keep up and ensure that the preferential policy is in place.

Feng Hanfen, director of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, said.

While highlighting the strict management, Longhua District strengthens forward incentive from the system. For those who dare to work, the cadres who do things in practice will support the drums; return to the cadres who are punished to help them correct the issue. Xiuying District put the supervision "probe" extends to the grassroots level, exploring the village (residential) discipline inspection and supervision liaison employment system, strengthened the supervision of small minimal power.

The combination of Meilan District is combined, and the symptoms of specimens, effectively play the inspection, "point" on the upper layer of conductive pressure, compaction responsibility, and push the individual problem, the sales number, "face", the problem of discovery, and raise three, promote commonality Effective resolution. Around the creation of a first-class business environment, the discipline inspection and supervision organs at Haikou City strengthens supervision, targeting the rectification of the style of style, and effectively promotes the changes in cadres, and ensures that the various policy measures to optimize the business environment are effectively effective.

The business environment has continued to be good, in exchange for the views of the masses, and also welcomed by companies and investors.

In 2020, there were about 120,000 new market entities in Haikou, a year-on-year increase. In the first half of this year, there were about 10,000 new market subjects in Haikou City, which increased year-on-year, and the stock market main body has reached 10,000.

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