In the survey, please wait. If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page Xinhua News Agency Beijing November 28th (Reporter Zhou Jie, Wang Hengji, Dong Ji) In the case of the global epidemic prevention and control situation, the hope, courage, peace, The Beijing Winter Olympics of Unity Signals has entered the final sprint phase, and the global ice and snow athletes are preparing for Beijing Winter Olympics. However, recently introduced the so-called "diplomatic boycott" from the Western minority politicians, these non-harmonious strict violates the core value of the Olympics, and the concepts advocated by the Olympic Movement.

  The picture shows the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Emblem. Xinhua News Agency (Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee) Olympic Movement is eager to contribute to the future of human peace in the future of education. It gathers athletes from all over the world to participate in the greatest international sports event – Olympics, its purpose is to promote peace, mutual understanding and expression of good faith.

  November 27th, Sweden player Sandra Nesund (left), Swiss player Finni Smith (left 2) and French players Bell Hot · Sabttel (right) series in "meeting Beijing" series Test match women’s group competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Shi’s photo is on the historical origin. The Olympic Movement is always with peace, friendship, and the core value of peace and friendship becomes an Olympic Games and the subsequent attributes. The modern Olympics has been born for more than a hundred years, although the "Olympic Charter" has been revised many times, the basic principles of Olympics have never changed. "Olympic Charter", "Olympicism’s goal is to make sports as a harmonious development service to promote human dignity, building peaceful society." To achieve this purpose, "Olympic Charter" stressed that the sports organization in Olympic movement should Maintain political neutral and oppose the abuse of sports and athletes in any political or commercial purpose. Bach, chairman of the International Olympic Committee, is elaborated. He said that there are equal equality in the fellows of the Olympic Games, regardless of race, nationality, gender, social status, religious beliefs and political concepts, is this "no difference in principle", so that sports can effectively promote Peace and understanding.

Pan Ki-moon, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, also said: "The nature of sports may be competitive, but it can be very powerful tools to promote dialogue, peace and reconciliation." On October 25th, the International Olympic Committee Chairman Thomas Bach The Beijing Winter Olympics countdown to 100 days event through video connection.

The Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Huanzong is also because of this, the "diplomatic boycott" of the Western minority governance is naturally loved by the Olympic Movement and Peace.

The World Tianlian Chairman Sebastian Koi has clearly stated that "diplomatic boycott" Beijing Winter Olympics is "unimplete and harmful attitude."

President Yili, Chairman of Pan American Sports Organ, said he opposed the hook of sports and political, "We must try our best to participate in a wonderful winter Olympics." Practice has proved that sports is an effective tool for promoting peaceful development. The United Nations "2030 Sustainable Development Agenda" also expressed the role of sports: "Sports are also an important driving force for sustainable development. We recognize that sports can promote inclusive and respect, thus making more and more efforts to achieve peaceful development. contribute.

"On April 6 this year, the Physical Education Promoting Peace and Development International Day, Bach talked about sports in new crown pneumonia, and said:" Sports have been prepared for the construction of a more people-oriented, more inclusive society. make a contribution.

"This crisis is more clear than ever showed that sports is the best low cost, high influence tools in all countries in recovery efforts.

"In the face of the crisis, the world needs unity than ever.

In the summer of this summer, the International Olympic Committee agreed to modify the Olympic Motto, plus "more unity" after "faster, higher, stronger", 2022 Winter Olympics and winter disabled theme slogans are "together" To the future.

Whether it is the "more unity" of the International Olympic Committee, or the "one of the Beijing Winter Olympics", it has highlighted the people of the people in the world to work hard, the truth, chase the determination and courage of hope.

  At this time, the so-called "diplomatic boycott" is obviously in the vast trend of the world, and these sounds are constantly refuted by foreign people’s insight.