Women’s revenge from a woman’s face

Appearance can polish a person’s character, and inevitably popular physiology can explain the problem. In fact, this year, appearance is used to observe a person’s fortune, character, and so on.To correct your own mental problems.

Speaking of revenge, compared to men, women must be weak in terms of physical strength, so if you want revenge, you must take up beauty and wisdom weapons. I believe that the “revenge goddess” in most people’s minds is amazing.Dazzling beauty and deadly gentle femme fatale with fractures.

  From the perspective of astrology, women with vengeful psychology generally show the following five faces. By coincidence, the author finds that among the many female stars who have played the role of “Revenge”, at the same time, there is also a little bit of relevant lattice characteristicsAfter taking the role, the person is particularly devoted, and it is particularly easy to get into the hearts of the people.

  The first type: rhinoplasty (characteristics: difficult personality, vengeful heart) means that the bridge of the nose and nose has obvious bones protruding, and the woman with nasal section has a weird personality, because this part represents the liver and gallbladder, and the liver and gallbladder represent the personality and temper of a person.The endocrine imbalance of the liver and gallbladder, so her personality is very embarrassing, offending her even sincerely apologizing to her has no effect.

Related Links: Letting Guo Xianni play the role of “Xi Shi” who gave herself to the country is really terrible, but how old her face makes people feel very “treacherous” but not very easy to say, the author thinks that the twists and turns of the nose are one of the featuresEarlier, she played a stubborn wayward, selfish, and revengeful princess Zhaoren.

  The second type: Eagle hook nose (characteristics: speculative calculations, phage heart-shaped) The tip of the nose is not flesh and sharp, and it is called the Eagle hook nose, this kind of personality, both men and women will avenge themselves for their own personal purposes, and even forEven if there is no enmity, it will not count others. If there is real enmity, it will use all means to retaliate.

Related Links: Fan Bingbing made her debut as an honest supporting actress of Yahuan many years ago, but now she has become a popular TV show recognized by TV audiences as the most expressive “Su Shiji” in many versions of “Feng Shen Bang” episodes.The reason why she was able to translate the image of the glamorous but cruel and vengeful vengeful goblin, in addition to her acting skills, the little hawk nose also added a little help.

  The third type: triangular eyes (characteristics: smart, poisonous, biased). The woman with a triangular shape of eyes is very clever, but it is easy to think of hate, even if someone accidentally hurt her or there is no big deal, but sheI will definitely retaliate.

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  The natural drooping woman’s mouth is very deep, she will remember it in her heart, slowly wait until the time is ripe before revenge.

Related Links: With the temptation of Eve, Jin Suyan played Xu Yingmei, who was despicable because of jealousy, and quickly became popular. In the play, the camera often focused the audience on her mouth, because the slightly drooping corners of the mouth were even broadcasted during the news.Tell others that this is a role full of resentment.

  Fifth type: Three white eyes (characteristics: revenge must be revenge, no matter what means) If you see that the eyeballs are relatively small hanging up or down for a long time, the woman with more exposed white eyes should be very vigilant, because if anyone offends her, she will definitely wantWays to retaliate, even with sinister and malicious means.

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