Can talk to Xiang Chen,Only the Korean language is left,So the burden of communication fell on her。
Han Yuxiang looked at Xiang Chen,In fact, she already knows the answer to this question,But I still asked hopefully。
“I can barely confess!I got the Fa-rectification on the spot!”
Xiang Chen said something to Han Yuxiang,Then point to Zhu Guosheng and Long Si who are not far away,To indicate that they can all testify。
Han Yuxiang was disappointed,Xing Rufeng and Chu Tianqiao behind them also led people into the severely lacking office。
“How could you make it like this?”
There are fewer people behind,Han Yuxiang also lowered his voice and asked Xiang Chen。
Ever since everyone speculated that Xiang Chen might be a retired figure from the institution with the prefix of Guo Zi,Treat some of the bottom lines and principles that you adhere to,There is also a corresponding relaxation and reduction。
I don’t know if it’s because of the Korean question.,Xiang Chen’s wound also started to faintly hurt。
I looked at Han Yuxiang’s nervousness,Xiang Chen pretending to be mysterious and said to Korean Xiang:“I come to the world,Just to attend a funeral of your own,But today is not a boring day to wait,Kind of fun!”
Smiled at Korean Xiang,Xiang Chen also intends to turn around and leave,I am not a Transformer after all,I have to go for treatment if I am injured。
“You just left?”
Han Yuxiang called to Xiang Chen’s back。