Huang Xiaoding is very loyal,Speak refreshingly。
“Nothing big,go,Go back to pack things,Leaving tomorrow。”
In the afternoon,All their approval processes are gone。
Do not need them to be present,Someone is responsible for this kind of thing。
“Didi,Complete hidden tasks,Become a member of the Jagged Blade,Reward boutique prize draw once,A throat-sealing dagger。”
“Throat Seal Dagger?”
Qin Hao took a look at the introduction of the Throat Seal。
“Throat Seal Dagger,Purple quality,See blood seal throat,Extremely sharp,Use a special process,Made with starry sky meteorite materials。”
“Looks like steel,Invincible,Essential assassination artifact。”
Just a few lines,It is not difficult to see the value of this throat sealing dagger。
“The Throat Seal is first stored in the temporary storage box,Readily available。”
Qin Hao was excited,Purple quality weapons,This is the first time he got it。
“It’s a heavenly welfare,He happened to complete the hidden mission,”Qin Hao felt like he won a five million prize。
“Boutique lottery is not at this time,When,Draw once。”