Original title: Xinghewan Hotel Top Fung Food Catering Company Recurrent Dining Duple Duplex Column does not meet the national standard on August 3, the provincial market supervision bureau learned that the newly published food safety supervision sampling data shows that Taiyuan Xinghe Bay Hotel, Shanxi The multiple dining equipment used by the Top Food Catering Company, the large colonal flora does not meet the national standard of food safety, and it is determined that it is unqualified product.

  China-style stewed in Taiyuan Xinghe Bay, large bowl, long cap, bone disc, mouth cup, and coliform group, Shanxi Top Requisitic Catering Company.

Shanxi Shangyue fairy fashion hot pot purchased colored skin (gluten), dehydrocetic acid and its sodium salt do not meet food safety national standards.

  According to reports, the large colonal flora is one of the commonly used financing of food or dining equipment at home and abroad. The reason why the dehydrocetic acid is unqualified may be that enterprises in order to prevent corruption of food, in order to extend the product shelf life, or to make up for the production process of health conditions and violations.

  The Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has supervised the municipal market supervision department to deal with relevant laws and regulations. If the consumer finds the unqualified food that is notified in the market, you can call 12315 complaint report.