Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, November 15 (Reporter Xu Xiaoying), is held in Shanghai, from Shanghai, Guangdong, and Taiwan experts. The "Sun Yat-sen", the Revolution, China Modern "academic seminar, was held in Shanghai on the 13th to 14th.

  The academic seminar mechanism established around "Mr. Sun Yat-sen" was jointly launched by Shanghai Zhongshan Xue, Guangdong Sun Yat-sen Foundation and Taiwan Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in 2012. Every year, the research theme, Shanghai Yue Taiwan turns hosted, designed to deepen cross-strait Academic exchange in related fields.

  Jiazhi, the head of the Municipal Committee of the People’s Republic of China, said in the seminar, this year is the 110th anniversary of the 1911, from the academic perspective, discussing the history of the revolutionary pioneer and the Chinese modernization process from the academic perspective.

She hopes that the two scholars will learn more deep understandings from the historical evolution since 1911, form a broader consensus.

  Zhao Libin, deputy chairman of Sun Yat-sen Foundation, Professor, Sun Yat-sen University, believes that since the establishment of "Mr. Sun Yat-sen" academic seminars have produced a large impact on both sides of the strait, I believe this seminar will continue to promote the research and academic exchange of Sun Yat-sen on both sides. In-depth.

  Wang Wenlong, former director of the Chinese Kuomintang Party History, Wang Wenlong, a historical material, two sides about Mr. Sun Yat-sen, is relatively abundant in Taipei, Nanjing, Shanghai, etc. From the perspective of history, let the historical "speaking" perspective, accelerate the full use of cross-strait academics to this part of the historical materials, which will be greatly beneficial to history. It is understood that Shanghai is also one of the majority of the Straits on both sides of the Taiwan Straits and the historical tops of Sun Yat-sen’s cultural relics. The Shanghai Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Song Qingling House Memorial Hall, Song Qingling Cemetery, etc., all lay a good foundation in the historical display and research of cultural relics.

Shanghai Zhongshan Academic Society has been more than 30 years. In recent years, new breakthroughs have been made in the research of "Sun Yat-sen" and Bo Ailian ", and the next step will continue to promote the depth of academic exchange around Sun Yat-sen and the Revolution of 1911. Editor: Yang Yongqing].