The Mission of the Communist Party of China, Zhang Xinyi, Zhang Xinyi, taught the collection of cultural relics M1903 rifles, telling the story of Li Zengxiang, the Chinese People’s Volunteers, in the anti-US Aid Dorship, with this rifle and the five-scale bullet to defeat the US military storm. At the scene, Teacher Liu Nan, the archives of Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College, also introduced Wang Zhenyi, Wang Zhenyi, the collection of colleges of Jiaotong University, participated in the "License Certificate" obtained in the medical work of the United States. In April 1953, the 30-year-old Wang Zhenyi was ranked at Shanghai, the fifth batch of volunteer medical teams in Shanghai. When he participated in the consultation in Buri, I found a unprecedented disease. When the local doctor introduced the medical history, the patient had symptoms such as hemoptysis, headache, etc.

At that time, the anti-tuberculosis phenolicin was very small, and the doctor was helpless.

Wang Zhenyi approaches the patient, learn more about medical history and condition, and reads learning-related medical literature.

After the entire analysis, he believes this may be pulmonary insecticide, not tuberculous meningitis.

Wang Zhenyi’s diagnosis corrected the wrong mistake in medical treatment, solved the problem of pulmonary insecticomatitis that plagues the volunteer force troops, and cure more than 60 volunteer warriors. Therefore, the Ministry of Order of the Northeast Military Region of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, the organization department awarded him second-class work. Zhang Yuyu, a student of Jiaotong University, said: "I have been visiting a Memorial for a major Memorial, but the first time I feel close to the cultural relics, I have the story behind the cultural relics, and the mood is very exciting and proud."