This newspaper (full media reporter Sun Xiu Wang Shi Cui correspondent Han Shu Cheng) On November 15th, Zhangzhou District held a "new era" advanced deeds for "new era", award awards for 30 "new era".

According to reports, after the extensive propaganda and launch, layers recommended, strict review, the district selection attendance teenagers, inspirational teenagers, science teenagers, German teenagers, red teenagers, sunshine teenagers, love juvenile seven categories of 30 "new era Good boy.

These "new era" use practical actions to show contemporary adolescents and style, with distinctive characteristics and strong demonstration effects.

At the press conference, they took a batch to receive a commendation.

Recognition activities wearing a literary performance. Classical dance "left hand referred to", Henan Opera "Mu Guiying is a handsome" and chorus "Children’s Heart to Party" and other wonderful programs.

"Enduring the new era, strive to do a good job" exhibition, fully demonstrate the spirit of optimistic advancement of minors in the new era.

It is reported that Yizhou District attaches great importance to the ideological and moral construction of minors, adheres to the Lid Tree, and moral education, moral education, vigorously cultivates and practice socialist core values ??in the academic youth, and invested Guo Meilin and other groups of Fuyang City "New Era", organize more than 200 "Labor Beauty", "Children’s Heart to the Party", etc. "The first table of life is the first button" theme activity activities, organize youth to enter "unforgettable, Keep in mind the mission "Theme Education Base, the Red Revolutionary Site and Base, the Town" Junxin Hall "and other places to carry out more than 180 activities.

The relevant person in charge of Yizhou District said that the district will actively play the demonstration of "new era" and guide the majority of young people "to deduct the first dome of life", showing style on the stage of the new era, shining, effort In order to achieve the goal of "two hundred years" struggle, the Chinese dream contributing youth strength of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.