The auxiliary police officer of the Anqiu Public Security Bureau duty on the front line.

According to the picture, "As soon as the epidemic happened, we wrote down the war book, which is also the work and responsibility.

As the old police officer and old party members close to retirement, we must inherit and carry forward the traditions of daring to charge and not afraid of sacrifice. "59 -year -old police officer Gao Jianping said. Including Gao Jianping, 61 old police officers from the Anqiu Public Security Bureau formed" Lao Ji Gang ". They took the lead in the front line to prevent the epidemic prevention and control, and advised the young police officer to persuade the personnel The inspection of vehicles and serving the masses has set an example for the auxiliary police officers of the overall situation.

After the "Lao Jigang" deeds spread on the "typical propaganda" sector of the platform, it further stimulated the municipal public security bureau’s police auxiliary police officer to target advanced and strive for advanced motivation.

It is reported that the "political" interactive exchange platform also set up sectors such as "warm heart stories" and "online classroom". Organize police officers and children online to participate in the "letter to the first -line parents of anti -epidemic"; organize the "four satisfaction Lianchuang" Data processing salons, standardized duty live broadcast classes, and other network exchanges and organizations are scattered on the police and auxiliary police to observe and learn; summarize the local epidemic prevention and control experience, and shoot the "Demonstration of the Public Security Organization Epidemic Prevention and Control Demonstration".

Liu Guowei, Political Commissar of the Public Security Bureau of Anqiu City, said that the next step will be strived to enrich the content and form of the "political" interactive exchange platform, further condense the inspiration, inspire the fighting spirit, protect the peace of mind, and practice the original mission of "people’s public security for the people" Essence (Wang Haokui, all media reporters of Guangming Daily, Yang Tongtong, a trainee reporter, correspondent Liu Ye, Yuan Guoqiang) (Editor: Zhou Jing, Zeng Wei) Share more people see it.