Zhang Jike “Return”, attacking and defeating the “most cattle national champion”
Zhang Jike is in the game.Figure / China Sports Zhang Jike “return”.When the global sports competition was suspended due to the epidemic, Zhang Jike and Hou Yingchao fought a “attack war” tonight.In the end, Zhang Jike, who had been away from the game for more than a year, defeated Hou Yingchao 35-27.In the Air Force, Zhang Jike posted a video of his practice ball with Hou Yingchao on his personal Weibo, which caused a heated discussion among netizens.After “China Sports”, Zhang Jike and Hou Yingchao were contacted to promote the game.Different from the traditional format, Zhang Jike and Hou Yingchao played a total of 3 quarters in this “attack war”, each with 10 minutes, and the scores accumulated.In the third quarter of the competition, the first player to get 35 points gradually won the match. The new system makes the game full of suspense.Zhang Jike (left) and Hou Yingchao shake hands.Figure / China Sports Hou Yingchao, 39, is a former national table tennis team. Last year he won the National Championships in a row in a row, including Liang Jingkun, Zhou Qihao and Wang Chuqin. The main players of the national table tennis team won the championship.Ranked with “Evergreen Tree” Hou Yingchao, Zhang Jike is currently in a “fade out” state and has not played an official match for more than a year.Before the game, Hou Yingchao said bluntly that his overall strength was not as good as Zhang Jike. He had to seize the opportunity of his opponent’s long-time battle to enter the state slowly and open the score.Despite not playing for more than a year, Zhang Jike’s body and condition remained good, leading Hou Yingchao 14-11 in the first quarter and expanding his advantage to 23-19 in the second quarter.After that, Zhang Jike kept his rhythm and finally defeated Hou Yingchao 35-27.”I played well today, but I didn’t expect to play like this.Zhang Jike said that he didn’t even lose training and fitness in the past two years, but after all, there has been no official competition for a long time.Talking about this new game system tonight, Zhang Jike thinks it is helpful to the old players, “Like Bol, Lao Sa (Samsonov) played 7 games and 4 wins, sometimes playing two games a day, obviouslyUnable to eat, the requirements for physical fitness and energy are very high, and it will also have an impact on the subsequent technical performance.Zhang Jike said that similar systems can be tried in previous competitions and can also extend the professional life of many athletes.Sauna, Ye Wang Sun Haiguang Editor Xiao Wanli Proofreading Liu Yue