Lin Yuna said:“what,Sister Bai,Finished so soon?”
Baiqi said:“Yes indeed,I eat fast,Your family eats so slowly,I’m going out first,If you finish eating later。Come out to me,We went to the construction site and someone said that’s OK。”
Baiqi doesn’t want to eat so fast,He felt that Xiao Fan’s eyes had grown on Lin Yun,He stays here again,A bit inappropriate。
After Bai Qi went out, Xiao Fan immediately sat closer to Lin Yuner and put it next to her.,Tell her:“What are you doing?I’m eating。”
Xiao Fan said:“It’s okay,I want to look at you closer,you eat,Anyway, White is not here now。You don’t have to be shy anymore,Just the two of us。”
Lin Yuna said:“When am i shy,Xiao Fan said you are not shy,Why don’t you let me look at you?I usually see you a lot,Why are you not like today?”
Lin Yun said:“”I。Is that my cause?That’s not your reason,No one of you keeps staring at others,Anyone will be shy to watch!”
Xiao Fan said:“OK then,You eat yours。I try to avoid your eyes,Not so obvious,You hurry up!”
Lin Yun’er thought it was not obvious,Small end,If your eyes can eat people,I’m afraid she’s already been eaten by her。
I don’t know what happened to Xiao Fan,I haven’t seen you for a day,Turned out to be like this,Lin Yoona finally finished eating。
Xiao Fan looked at her and said to her:“You finished?Finally finished。”
Lin Yoona still doesn’t understand,Then he was held by Xiao Fan。I pulled into my arms at once,Xiao Fan gave a kiss on her cheek
Lin Yoona was taken aback,Then he said to Xiao Fan:“What are you doing?”
Xiao Fan said:“Doesn’t this miss you?Go go。Go to school and finish early,We go home。”
When Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan came out of the house,It is wandering aimlessly outside。