The hills are covered with grass and moss,When there is still a long distance from here,Zhu Minglang and Nan Lingsha smelled an extremely strong smell of blood。
Over the hills,Zhu Minglang and Nan Lingsha were suffocated by the sight in front of them at the same time!
A large thick blood pool under the hills,Surrounded by a pile of boulders。
Body after body soaked in the blood pool,All still very fresh,Some bodies were exposed to the rocks,Some bodies hang upside down on the stone wall,There are some prisoners on the torture,Nailed to the dry trunk……
They have no eyes。
Specifically,It should be that the eye socket was directly dug out,Turned into two terrible holes。
And in the blood pool,The soaked corpses are even harder to count,Whether it is incomplete or complete,Their eyes were brutally gouged out,You can feel the fear and pain before death from the frozen expressions on their faces,Just looking at it is creepy!
“Something is using this hill as an evil altar!”I wish Minglang feel angry。
Even the sacrificed livestock,Most people will kill it cleanly,But the people here,But suffered layers of fear during his lifetime,Layers of pain。
When I think of Li Xing painting in his sleep, he feels the same,May Minglang shudder even more。
Change to be a man who has been on the battlefield,If you are used to life and death, you may not be able to accept such a cruel slaughter scene,What’s more, it’s a woman like Li Xinghua who doesn’t want to wither even a pot of orchid。
“They are all slaves。”Nan Lingsha pointed to a few corpses,The shackles above didn’t even open。
Zhu Minglang also noticed this,Even if there is no shackled,They also have the mark of slaves。
“I remember the west side of Liaoyuan,There is a slave city,Where the slaves of subjugated nations、Wilderness Tribes,I’m afraid which evil sect transported slaves here,Then gouged and killed,Enshrine evil。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Star painting,Should be something about to happen,But here obviously……”Nan Lingsha suddenly frowned and said。