”Hey hey!what happened again,You have a lot of things here!“Zhao Shisan and Song Sanping suddenly emerged from the crowd,He feels extremely impatient,As if the people here bothered him。
“Brother Zhao,Let’s take a look here,I didn’t expect this kid to frame people,He even said that my fourth brother stole his money,You say it’s ridiculous,A poor town,There is not much money in total“The scarred face looks pretentious。
Zhao Shisan glanced at Xia Jian,Said with a smiley face:“Brother Xia,Is it a misunderstanding?,I know all these people,They won’t steal money,Everyone is rich,How much money can these old farmers carry,dont you agree?“
Xia Jian hits him as soon as he hears it,Keep saying that the old farmer has no money,But I have to touch the dog’s paw on the old farmer,He himself is a farmer,I can’t hear these guys the most。
“Where do you tell me,Am i crazy or something,I don’t want to catch people on the streets,Just want to catch him,And where did this fellow’s money go,Explain to you“Xia Jian asked Zhao Shisandao word by word。
“Yes indeed!The little boss is right“Someone in the crowd shouted。
Zhao Shisan’s face changed slightly and said:“It’s boring to say that,I just want to tell you don’t wrong the good guys,As for this fourth brother, we also know Mayor Song,The person he knows shouldn’t be a thief, right?!“Zhao Shisan was talking,Turned around and blinked at Song Sanping who was standing behind him。
Song Sanping coughed a little embarrassingly,I don’t know if he’s sure or not,Maybe only he knows。
“Can Mayor Song know the thief?,It’s just nonsense,Call the police,Or the police officers at the police station are idle and nothing to do”Someone yelled,
The scene suddenly became chaotic,Don’t think these people are from the countryside,Once you recognize it,No one can do it。Everyone started to squeeze here。
Scarface suddenly took out a dagger from his pocket,Pointing at Xia Jian:“Let go,Otherwise I will stab you!”The other three behind him,Also showed the dagger and confronted the fellow behind them。
The situation is very critical,Slightly inconsistent,There may be bloodshed。Song Sanping panicked now,He shouted to Xia Jian:“You let him go,This matter is handled by the police station”