Simple clear skin care for healthier skin

Whitening and clear skin are the pursuit of many MMs, but as the years pass, such skin seems to gradually become the past, dull, dark yellow becomes a portrayal of the current skin.

So, MMs kept applying skincare products to their faces, trying to restore the perfect skin that had passed away.

However, at the same time, there are a lot of MMs worrying about, no matter how much skin care products are applied on the face, it seems that the complexion has not changed.

Then you have to reflect on what went wrong.

Applying skin care products also requires methods. Only the right methods can make your skin truly healthy and whiter!

  Today, Xiao Bian brought to MMs 2 simple cleansing and maintenance procedures to make your skin healthy immediately.

  As long as the inside of the body becomes clean, the blood color will also improve, and the skin will also show tension and transparency, and then it will show the healthiest side.

If you perform lymphatic massage that can promote the removal of old waste materials, as well as the depigmentation and maintenance of metabolic pigments, fine pores, and faded acne scars, it will be a two-pronged approach to create bright and detailed skin care!

  STEP1: The skin temperature will be more penetrating and the whitening mask will be applied by hand warming or the whitening essence will be used to adsorb the pigment on the surface.

Afterwards, if you point the entire face with the palm of your hand, the effect will be improved. Ignoring this step may be an important reason why your skin is not whitening?

When the ingredients in the whitening mask or essence cannot be absorbed by the skin, the effect cannot be demonstrated!

  STEP2: Use small techniques to fully absorb the concealer. Use the temperature of your fingertips to push the concealer product evenly. It is a very important little technique. You must learn it!

The absorption of concealer products is an important channel for freckle removal. Only by using a better method to make the freckle ingredients successfully absorbed by the skin can your blemish event be successful.

Moreover, blemish is also a test of patience, so you must insist on it to have an effect!

  Recommended products for clear skin: Recommended Impression Beauty Concentrated Qinbai Essence Milk Reference Price: RMB 720 / 40ml Product Introduction: By inhibiting the generation of pigmentation — the maturation of tyrosinase, early inhibition of melanin production and prevention of factorsA medicinal whitening lotion for brown spots and pigmentations caused by sun exposure.

An emulsion-like soft and smooth extension, the effective whitening ingredient tetrahydromagnolol gradually penetrates the skin.

Acts on the production process of melanin, further improves the adhesion and connection of the stratum corneum, strengthens the “whitening impression” and highlights the beauty of whiteness.

At the same time, the skin is full of moisture and refreshed.

The bursts of rose fragrance create an ideal skin care environment that is pleasing in the body, awakens the bright and transparent feeling of skin reconstruction, and creates straightening skin.

  Editor’s comment: The taste is very fresh, the texture is delicate and smooth, it is very refreshing to use, it can well adjust the water and oil balance, the whitening effect is also good, and it can also dilute the acne marks.

Stick to this product and apply it in the spot, you can feel the skin is fair and bright, and the spot is also faded.

  Elizabeth Arden Super Brightening and Brightening Serum Reference Price: 420 yuan / 10 ml and Product Introduction: Vitamin C glycosides and natural silk protein, can strengthen the repair and reduce blemishes for key skin, so thatSkin is brighter, brighter and more radiant, which promotes firmness and firmness.

Focus on the results of strengthening repair and reducing defects.

The ball-type design is specially designed to strengthen the repair and lighten the stains on the key points and special parts, strengthen the local repair and lighten the blemishes, and make the skin more bright and shiny.

  Editor’s comment: The special ballpoint pen shape can be focused on the spot and gently rolled. It can get rid of the trouble of manual massage by traditional indenter type offset. The main whitening force is Vit C sugar.Synergistic whitening, silk protein, licorice extract provides moisturizing and anti-allergic agents, but contains high amounts of alcohol, it is recommended to avoid eye area and reduce irritation, but it is indeed a portable whitening essence.

  SOFINA’s latest memory reference price: 420 yuan / 30g Product introduction: Memory whitening series is aimed at deep dark spots, which can inhibit a large number of melanin production and melanocyte activity.

Suitable for whole face, creamy skin is refreshing and non-sticky, high penetration factor, quickly penetrate deep into the skin rupture, completely prevent melanin, effectively diminish dark spots, freckles and reduce uneven skin tone.

  Editor’s comment: Kao SOFINA Whitening Essence can be said to be the best-selling whitening essence in the Japanese market. It is refreshing to use, especially it has a significant effect on removing and evening the color of the entire face.A whitening serum that can be used on the entire face.

  Shu uemura Whitening Intensive Essence Product Introduction: Han Cui Pure Whitening Series, with Vitamin C as the main ingredient.

Targets the spots where dark spots such as dark spots, freckles and dark spots are concentrated, to help the skin texture reduce spots and blemishes.

  Reference price: 520 yuan / 0.

8g * 4 bottles Editor’s Comment: Use regulation whitening agent Vit C magnesium phosphate 2.

52%, usually whitening essence adds all the ingredients into the same bottle. This brand separates the whitening active ingredients from the solvent (water), and then mixes and dissolves them when using. It can be designed to maintain the vit C prolonging activity longer and moreNot easy to discolor.