New films such as “Mom” and “Bear Infest” are annoying,
Chinese New Year file at noon on January 20, the Chinese New Year file “Jung Mom” originally scheduled to be released on the New Year’s Day announced that it will be filed to the national New Year’s Day (January 24) at 8 am and will play the “2020 Chinese New Year”You see mom in advance” slogan.Shortly afterwards, the animated film “Bear Infested · Wild Continent” and the movie “Winning the Championship” (formerly known as “Chinese Women’s Volleyball”) also announced that the schedule will be adjusted from January 25 to 24; “Pioneer” will issue a poster “Watch at home on New Year’s Eve”For the Spring Festival Gala, see the pioneers again and again. “The Spring Festival file is raised and the sound is released in advance. No matter the sound volume and word of mouth of the film, it will have varying degrees of influence, and it can also make the film seize more shares.Of course, raising the file does not necessarily mean that you can get out of the Spring Festival file. If you want to get box office and word of mouth, the key is still the quality of the movie itself.After the news was announced, many theater managers and staff complained and expressed their dissatisfaction with the overtime brought by the sudden file extension. Some staff members said that they must work overtime for more than ten hours a day during the five-year Chinese New Year in the cinema, and even asserted that they will leave after the year.The tide is estimated to be coming. “From top to bottom, for the “winning the championship”, “囧 妈” and “Bear infested · Wild Continent”, they were all filed for one day.The picture comes from the online director Xu Zheng: I did n’t consider Zhou Quan. I ‘m sorry. The director of “囧 妈”, starring Xu Zheng, responded to the sudden filing on Weibo: “We ‘re entering the Spring Festival file for the first time, and we hope to meet some early holidays.Enthusiastic audience.I communicated with the theater manager beforehand.But I just saw some complaints from the cinema staff, I feel sorry for my guilt, I’m sorry!I did n’t consider it so comprehensive, sorry!Let everyone work hard!I’m really sorry!We urgently contacted various organizations to organize ground staff to work in theaters around the country, issue red envelopes, and make some compensation. Please be forgiving.We are indeed in order to improve the box office of the holiday, but also from the interests of the theater.Seek forgiveness for inadequacies.At the same time, I hope this is the beginning of a good year.Announcer: The decision of a publicity officer for a film of the Spring Festival file, which is based on various factors, Ms. Xu believes: “The Spring Festival file is filed, and the requirements for the publicity and distribution personnel will be relatively high. All the staff are on standby at all times.We also discussed this decision in advance.Generally speaking, in combination with the pre-sale status before the schedule, the status of the movie in the same schedule, and the sound volume of the project performance, the entire publicity team will have different plans and suggestions. This decision is also the result of multiple optimizations.At this stage, the work of the publicity team has almost no major changes, and it is more about the performance of the release team: in this way, the ranking rate is decided by the release team.After the announcement of the file and the studio, the film material, the film, and even the emotions of the studio manager discussed on Weibo are all issues that the release and its resident team need to solve.”Cinema manager: There is a shortage of manpower for the sauna at any time. Yewang contacted Mr. Zhang, a cinema manager in a Beijing theater.He said that although there were some rumors about file promotion before, the theater generally did not accept it. The official notification of the three film file upgrades was received on the 20th. The theater was already prepared to close the business early in the afternoon and start the Spring Festival.Holidays, but many staff need to work overtime to re-arrange the film.”According to the previous pre-sale situation, although these three film-raising films were not as hot as” Tang Tan 3 “before, they are all hot films for the Spring Festival. We are also very worthwhile.Originally, we did not arrange the arrangement of the year 30, and now we have to do it again.During the Spring Festival, there are operating pressures for all major units, and we are no exception. Manpower is reduced, and work pressure is relatively large. It is also ready to stand by.”Mr. Sun, a local theater manager, saw the news of the file upgrade from the industry WeChat group on the afternoon of the 20th.He said: “The theater itself also expects to make more money during the Spring Festival. Since the file is raised again, the film arrangement must be re-worked. If we don’t arrange it, the audience will go to other theaters. It’s that simple.The work is not hard, but there will be some changes in the overtime shift of the staff. Originally, they work overtime all year round, and they can’t get together with their families a few times a year.For the other films that have not been notified of the schedule change, the two theater managers said that they paid special attention to the official Weibo brakes of each film to obtain information in time. At present, no special countermeasures and programs are needed.Sauna, Ye Net, editor of Li Yan Tong Na proofreading Zhai Yongjun