As for the three kings,Although they are only the first class,But facing Li Ming still has considerable advantages。
At the beginning, Li Ming faced two masters and a master of plant life with elementary strength,Can barely maintain。But in the face of the real kingship elementary,The gap is quite obvious。
After all, the power of plant life has arrived,But fighting skills are too poor。
the first time,Is fighting against a demon clan’s king,Li Ming was beaten up,Finally managed to escape。
the second time,Li Ming’s method of crying the saint’s king was faintly restrained by Li Ming,Fight each other for a long time,In the end, Li Ming forced the opponent back。
the third time,The opponent is a king of mechanical race,Mechanical sea tactics trap Li Ming to death,In the end, Li Ming fought like crazy,【Escape】with【Autumn wind】Two secrets have broken through one after another。
Use the secret method of escape,Li Ming’s body shape changes,Easily pass a battle machine,Simultaneously perform the autumn wind secret method,Eighteen-footed swords pierced into humanoid life like metal from all directions。
Eighteen swords,Do not rely on treasures or treasures,It’s just a burst of power that does not exceed the commander level,In the end, he succeeded in killing a Feng Wang Elementary!
This is incredible,One is even the peak of the king,It takes a lot of effort to kill Fengwang Primary without burning divine power。
on the other hand,It also proves the battle for more than a thousand years,Raise his realm to an incredible realm。
Li Mingdan【Secret of Autumn Wind】,Now he is completely at the pinnacle of the pinnacle secret method,And this autumn wind secret technique field turned into sword technique and spear technique,Power penetrates into the opponent’s body,Quite specific to the divine body,Can obliterate divine power。
and【Escape secret method】It’s stepping into the ultimate secret method—-Before Li Ming’s Demon Killer Clan appeared in Chaos City,,Power increased by at least three times。
Even Li Ming now goes to the 21st floor of the overpass,Have a certain probability of success。
“really,Create a secret method solely based on the original law of gold,Sharpen alone,This direction is right!”
Li Ming bumped the space ring in his hand,The king of the mechanical race is immortal on wealth and the hole he killed*The races are almost the same,Can even say more。
“Good guy,I just contacted Brother Six for help,There is actually a king who is willing to spend 8 billion to buy the set of equipment he arranged for the mechanical sea!”