Han Tong children followed three girls,Age is around 145。
“Doctoral to close the safety channel,I have no authority to open,She let me leave one piece。”
“have to,Get on the bus。”
Hankong children go back,She didn’t have permission to open the gate of the base,Can’t return。
If Han Jiang continues to stay here,That is full of full。
In the base,I still have a chance to hold.。
Can wait at escape channel,That is finished, full of death.。
Since the other party dares to attack the base of Testra,In case it is found here.,At that time
Han Jiang is nothing,Can also follow four children around you,They are not female Wu Shen,This is trouble。
“Let it go。”
Han Jiang handwritten manual driving,Route on the way,Quickly leave the safety channel。
“Fortunately, you have not taken it.,otherwise,With a few children,I don’t know what to do.。”After the car,Han Tong Child Qing Dynasty。
Han Tong Child, Han Yang, who Hanjiang, watched,You are a child,Also say people are children?
Although,The ages of the girls are relatively small.。
After leaving the escape channel,Is a jungle。
The sound of the gunfire bombardment is more obvious,Han Rong even saw heavy weapons such as tanks。
“Good guy,Are you so open this??”
In addition to in Ezhou City,Han Jiang saw a local operation department to launch heavy weapons to the enemy。
But the enemy is a beast,It’s still the first time http://www.jiehuncheng.cn to fight against people.。
Han Tong Children stuck a few children,Turning to Hanjiang:“Just a tank.,This backward weapon,Retropy of the entropy mechanism deals these things easily。”
Two people talk room,Han Jiang saw a stream of energy light column in the rearview mirror to the inverse entropy base area。
Hankong children,Press a few buttons on the car,Soon picture appears on the windshield,The vehicle is called to become an automatic driving mode。
“This car is connected to the base system,The picture we have seen now and the picture is the same.。”Han Tong Tong explained。
Han Jiang nodded,This feature is not bad。
I can see the hill where the base where the base is located has been fired.,Some understanding、The weapons that don’t know are still constantly changing the base.。
The periphery of the base is still http://www.stjld.cn a shield,These attacks are temporarily unable to break the defense network。
At the same time, a large scope around the hill where the base is located.,Automatic defense system with reverse entropy is attacking forces。
It’s very hot in a time.,Han Jiang wants to be Walter,Otherwise, the scene should be more beautiful.。
Looking at the base safe,Several children’s emotions have been relieved,Hankong children also blame the doctor whose doctor is not to bring yourself with a few little fart。
Several children are with the enemy,If it is not going back,Will stay in the enemy。
Han Jiangli,Suddenly saw a few armed helicopters on the corner of the screen。
“Good guy,So fast?”Han Jiang Raipa Close the picture,Switch manual system,The investigation system is fully open。
“what are you doing?”Han Tong Tong is a bit surprised,Han Jiang suddenly has something to have to happen.。