Gu Zhenjiang stared at each other,Faint,“You have made me more than one meal
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Take you with you,Say to determine one thing,What exactly,I can say it now.。”
Ancient Qingshan look,Want to say。
“dad,If I said……I have a way……”
Pause,Gu Wenshan bite his teeth,“If I have a way,Can let a person don’t know unconsciously,No medical equipment can’t check……”
“What did you say!”
Not finished,Ancient town river opens his eyes,The turbidity in the scorpion disappeared,Instead, it is a tight sharpness.。
He wakes up the lion,Be all available,Staring at Gu Wenshan,A word a day,“You won’t do what to do??”
The forehead of ancient Qingshan drops cold sweat,Don’t dare to see Gu Zhenjiang,Weinno。
“What did you really do??”Gu Zhenjiang Bug Color。
Gu Wenshan bite a tooth,Employed grandfather,Accelerate the speech speed immediately,“dad,You should hear a poison,This kind of poison is mysterious,Can let people die quietly,But Grandpa is rest assured.,Although I used it in the morning,But not to kill him,I am targeting……”
This time,He didn’t dare to continue concealment,Will meet mysterious women’s things,And your own plan detailed, said。
Finally,“Summer medical skills are very good,As long as he gives a doctor to see a doctor,That,That person……The person will control the inquiry into the summer.……”
“shut up!”
Ancient town river anger,Treve, finger pointing him,“Mixment,Hello big courage,you,You have to die, I don’t?”
He has a heavy gas,“Since you said that the woman is so powerful,Why can’t she do their hands?,Instead, take your hand?Besides……She let you find someone to kill……Pregnant women who killed summer diagnosis,You really do?Is your brain into the water??”
The face of Gu Wenshan changed,Neck,“I do this is for smelling summer,Even if he is dead,Also let him 遗 万……”
“you,You are mad at me.……”
Guzhen Jiang Face Tieqing,“That woman is not good at all,If you are as easy as you think,Why do she work with you??I and ask you,If things have been defeated??”
“Impossible,my plan……”
The voice of Guven Mountain has not fallen,I have passed a rush of knock on the book.。
Gu Zhenjiang,Stop his words,Deep breathing,Faintly。
The book door is opened,Come in a middle-aged middle age of 40 years old。
He looked at an ancient mountain,Followed,“master,Some people are doing things outside。”
Paused,Spit out three words,“Is called a young man in summer。”