Xinhua News Agency, August 23 (Reporter Zhang Hai Lei) Continued rainfall, letting the Qingyi River cool, heavy rain has already soaked the shoes and socks of Sichuan, but he has been running in flood control and flooding. On the evening of the 21st, Sichuan ushered in a new round of heavy rainfall, Leshan, Ya’an and other places to release heavy rain red warning. On the 22nd, Sichuan has upgraded four flood prevention emergency response to a three-stage flood control emergency response. According to the data of the Central Meteorological Observatory, at 7:00 am to 12 am on the 22nd, the third in the national precipitation is the third place in Leshan City.

  Director Sichuan is the director of the Director of the Emergency Administration of Jiajiang County and the Director of the County Flood Control Drought Relief Headquarters. The day was not bright on the 22nd, and he drove to the Village of Mun Village.

Two consecutive days, leading to the largest water level of the largest reservoir Mun Village in Jiajiang County rising. If there is a dam, downstream Mun Town, the three towns, and the three towns in Ganjiang Town will be flooded, and the loss is difficult to estimate.

Duochuan led the county emergency bureau and the town village cadres immediately developed a flood discharge plan according to the emergency plan, and quickly dispatched equipment and personnel to discharge. After successful ventilation, it was noon, and I couldn’t eat in Sichuan, and I rushed to Jialu Village, Huaot Town, Guided Rescue. According to the relevant person in charge of the Sichuan Flood Control Headquarters Soil saturation, it is easy to cause flood disasters, some cities may have internal floods, and they must be highly vigilant.

  The reporter learned in the Sichuan Provincial Emergency Management Office that the Emergency Command Center launched a 24-hour survival in the province to establish a "heavy rain blue warning information sharing" group, to the city (state), county (city, district) push meteorological Information, providing a "minute rainfall forecast" in the mainland disaster hidden dangers, mountain flood risk zones, and rolling broadcast rainfall forecasts.

Han Dang, the command center, has introduced that the recent first work is to collect rainfall, rescue operations in the rainstorm, rescue operations, mass transfer resettlement, etc. in accordance with. "At 2 o’clock in the 22nd, there will be strong rainfall, pay attention to prevention!" Yue Yunlong, the party committee of Yangba Town, Nanjiang County, Bazhong City, received the emergency headquarters, the emergency organization, emergency organization, emergency organization Town village cadres, militia quoted and metaplanted by hidden dangers.

  At around 2 in the morning of 22, electric flash thunder, Yangba’s steep rainstorm, located in the hometown of Chuwei Village, Yangba River, along the river villagers in the villagers. Yue Yunlong took the rain and drumped, and he went to the house to notify it. At around 3, all 55 villagers were transferred to the village activity position, and transfer the masses’ guarantee service.

The rain is getting bigger, the bigger 5 o’clock, the five-nephylochidia in the upstream of the Yangba River was destroyed.

  "Although some old villagers are reluctant to leave, in order to ensure the safety of the people, we overcome all difficulties and want to do every way to persuade them to move to safe place.

"Yue Yunlong said. Since the income, Sichuan has experienced multi-wheel regional heavy rainfall weather, the rainfall is wide, the strength is large, the continuation is long, the fluidity, the northeastern part of the Sichuan Basin, the south, and Panxi Area The degree is affected.

  In Suining County, Liangshanzhou, the county recruitment supervision cadre smells "", in-depth line. "Please introduce your township flood prevention, disaster prevention ‘three single four figures’ specific implementation …" Since the stream 5 supervision and inspection teams, take calls, and tankers and other methods to conduct supervision of various townships (streets) and responsible departments, in place, hidden dangers, emergency plans, and work measures.

(End) [Editor: Li Tingyu].