“This.”Qin Feng found himself unable to refute。
There will be no less justice messengers,Su Rou learns Taekwondo not just for herself,She still wants to protect the people,There is justice in the heart。
have to say,This is a girl with romanticism。And a stubborn woman who has worked hard in society for a few years but still hasn’t been obliterated.。
“Sister Rou,Or forget it。Very dangerous!”Wang Mengmeng persuaded。
Jiang Yan nodded,“Yes indeed,No need!This kind of thing,Let the relevant personnel handle it。Didn’t Qin Feng say that there are special teams??Those people should be able to handle this。”Jiang Yan did not have a clear concept of the division of strength。In his opinion,The Special Forces should be enough to deal with such emergencies?
Qin Feng covers his face,“As many special forces come to die。Words of weapons,At least missile level.”
Now even the air has become quiet。
The most powerful official team Jiang Yan knows is the special team。And now Qin Feng actually said such words,Does that mean that the government may not be able to resolve such incidents?Besides,If you use that weapon,How to save people?
So this is an unsolvable problem?
Su Chengxu looked at Qin Feng,“Brother-in-law,Is there really no way??”At this moment he has calmed down somewhat,Because he found his sister seemed more excited than himself。
But after talking so much, they found out,Make an assessment of the person who knows the situation best,There is no way to save。
Su Rou repeated it,“Is there really no way??”
“Unless you find another better mountain gate。But we don’t know anything about it。Even if found,How dare you be sure that asking other people for help is not to lead the wolf into the room??It won’t be necessary to take us in then。”Qin Feng answered quite sensibly。
Everyone was silent again。Maybe I’m thinking about any other solutions。
Short for one person,Two count。
Jiang Yan could see that Qin Feng was somewhat dissatisfied with Su Rou,So I said,“Can we go up and negotiate?”