“Instructor Lin,During the time in the confinement room,I have thought a lot。”
Xiangyang lowered his head,An confession。
“I regret,Regardless of Huang Zetao’s news,,Still conflict with him,Including the girl named Zhu Xinting and her brother。If it wasn’t for my curiosity,Or it’s because I am competitive,Bai Lu won’t get hurt。”
Hear Xiangyang’s words,Lin Chongshan couldn’t help but smiled,Knowing the wrong can improve Mo Dayan,I just wanted to say a few words to comfort Xiangyang,But Xiang Yang suddenly raised his head to look at Lin Chongshan,Lin Chongshan was shocked again。
“I only know that the person is Zhu Xinting’s brother,Zhu Zhongcheng。I said I would interrupt him to kick Bai Lu’s leg!No matter what the price,I will do it!”
No brutality,There is no arrogant arrogance,Xiangyang’s expression was extremely calm when speaking,It’s like chatting with Lin Chongshan。
Xiao Xiaoxiao and Zhu Shiyao hurriedly framed toward Yang,At this time they have no time to dislike the weird smell on their roommates,Just thinking about this sister not to be caught in the confinement room!
The students around who heard Xiangyang talking looked at Xiangyang as if they were watching a clown,The ridicule in the eyes can’t be demonstrated,Only Lin Chongshan sighed softly,With a wry smile。
The adopted daughter of the core figure of Paradise Island,How big is her so-called price?But no matter how big,The expendable group followed!
After a wry smile,Lin Chongshan’s eyes changed from becoming firm。
On the way back from Xiangyang and his group,Xiang Chen ended his day’s work early。
Since being discharged,Maybe it’s because of Han Yuxiang’s guilt for taking too much action,After learning that Xiang Chen was still a vagrant,,Proactively contacted Xiang Chen for a takeaway job,The area in charge is Wanghai University,It also happens to be the area where Han Yuxiang is responsible。At first,Xiang Chen thought it was a shortage of the police force,Thinking of myself as a guest takeaway brother,You can also work part-time in the police force,After all, Wanghai University plus Lingyun’s community,For a Korean woman,It’s too big,But then Xiang Chen knew,It’s because we captured Su Pengzhen last time,In addition, this time one person overturned Yuan Mu and more than 20 punks,Hanyuxiang got promoted!