But at this moment,A rural woman in her thirties rushed out of the house disheveled,She runs,He also tied the buttons of his jacket,The two things on the chest are almost exposed。
“stop!Turn your back and put your clothes on,And you,Go back to the house and get dressed”Zhao Chunling scolded in fear。
Li Zhi glanced at Xia Jian,Then said angrily:“Chief Xia!I am a man too,It’s also wrong to solve physiological problems?You are really a full man, I don’t know if a hungry man is”This guy said,Also deliberately looked at Zhao Chunling’s face,His meaning couldn’t be more obvious。
Zhao Chunling is on fire now, Hit it with one punch,It happened to hit Li Zhi on the cheek,A defenseless,Li Zhi was beaten and fell to the ground。
The woman wearing clothes on her back was frightened and screamed,Squatted down like a cat。Li Zhi got up from the ground,Touched the bloodshot at the corner of his mouth and said:“OK!Violent law enforcement,I want to sue you”
“I’ll kill you again”Zhao Chunling said,Took a step forward。
As the saying goes,The ghost is afraid of the wicked。Li Zhi was a little dizzy by Zhao Chunling’s blow,He dare not say one more word,And ran into the inner room。
“What is your name?Answer me honestly”Zhao Chunling mentioned which woman,Asked in a cold voice。
After this question,I realized that this woman turned out to be Li Zhi’s old friend。Hometown is weak and sick,I can’t make any money for my family。And Li Zhi can sometimes come back with a little money from outside,I’m in love with this woman。
Actually this woman’s husband knows a little bit,It’s just pretending to leave one eye closed。Today this woman’s old justice went to the ground,Li Zhi got her home。Long drought and rain,These two go together,I forgot what time it was。
“Sleep with someone else’s wife,I can’t cure you,But I can make you never get into this Dongwangzhuang again,Do you believe it or not?”Xia Jian finally spoke。
Li Zhi rubbed his swollen cheeks and said:“casual!I’m a rascal,You can also catch me,Humiliate me,I’m not afraid anyway”
“it is good!You have kind。Director Zhao,Let’s broadcast on the loudspeaker of Dongwangzhuang Village Committee,Then tomorrow in the Daji Upstream Street in Donglin Township”Xia Jian said loudly to Zhao Chunling。