And set up branches in other schools、And make sure that the work of the branch director must also be on the agenda。
The lively initial stage of the new semester,Brain Machine Society is lively and lively again。
“Ok?Chen Cheng wants to treat me to dinner?”Wang Yufei looked at Lu Jia’s big face that suddenly had several pimples,A little surprised。
Of course I won’t forget who Chen Cheng is。
In fact,After all, Wang Yufei has a perverted memory。
Although this name and the person represented by this name have already been left behind,But of course you can remember。
After all, he was thrown on the blacklist,Also set up a64The guy locked with a code。
At that time, Chen Cheng’s words and deeds really annoyed Wang Yufei。
“Yes,He contacted me through a fellow from the Brain Machine Society,I’m too embarrassed to hear it?I promised to tell you。of course,It doesn’t matter whether the boss eats with him or not。I just told you。Anyway, I know he admits it,Want to apologize!”Lu Jia explained。
“Oh,Then do you think you should go to dinner with him?”Wang Yufei asked back。
The anger is almost gone,Wang Yufei probably knows Chen Cheng’s purpose for inviting him to dinner。
High probability is still because it feels inconvenient to be pulled into the blacklist。
The changes that Changxiang Technology has brought to China Xia may not be dramatic,But it does exist。
It’s as if a series of entertainment translators are now playing on the Internet,Many universities have opened macro language followFSBIndustrial software courses based on Xin system,The brain-computer chip and Xin system have begun to be widely used,For example, some companies have already begun to study how to integrate brain-computer chips and Xin systems into smart home systems.。
In addition to these two technologies with solid-state high-energy batteries,Application in future new energy vehicles。
It can be said to be added to the blacklist forever,It may be difficult to move in the future。
From this point of view,Chen Cheng’s mentality to recognize counseling,Is completely understandable。
It’s just that you don’t play the young and frivolous one so soon??