A slight trembling sounded,I wish Minglang before,An ancient red sword is hanging,Even if it remains a static state,Still gives people a great sense of threat,Especially the inexplicable trembling,Like a holy beast roaring!
Huo Shangjun stared at this sword,A look of horror gradually appeared on his face。
This does not seem to be a pure ancient sword。
More like a living body。
This sword spirit,The trembling is getting stronger and stronger,The surrounding space seems to be shaking with it。
Huo Shangjun’s pupils shrank,Face slightly changed,Shouted to his Ziyun Dragon:“Rewind!”
Ziyunlong heard the master’s order,Now the next one is going backwards,Keep some distance from Zhu Minglang and the red sword in front of Zhu Minglang。
But at the same time,The sword spirit moved on its own,Its tail swings,The sword suddenly swept,Suddenly a flash of scarlet cold moon seemed to cut the day into night。
Huo Shangjun can’t see anything,I only saw Scarlet Lengyue Jianhui,Unstoppable attack,Like the weapon of death,Terrible!
Ziyunlong’s body is filled with layers of purple,This kind of power like water ripples is dissolving the Jianhui facing directly……
But Jianhui’s power is not diminished,It forced Huo Shangjun to retreat,Even the golden dragon next to it swam in front of Huo Shangjun,Together to resist this Jianhui power!
Ziyunlong was swept away。
A large piece of scales on the golden dragon。
Huo Shangjun is behind the two dragons,Although not really injured,But I got a cold sweat。
“Sword spirit……”a long time,Huo Shangjun, who had a lingering heart, finally spit out these two words。
at this time,Huo Shangjun finally sees clearly。