“Now your British law has stopped the ambition of Germany.,Surabide area is included in the German layout,Soon Czech Republic,That is one of the top ten industrial industries in the world.,The weapons produced by Czech Republic are well known!What else should I say??”Ruorui regrets,
Kai Ziwei is also regrettable:“But these things are not around.,I also mentioned the recommendation.,Your intelligence is really accurate。”
“Accurate accuracy is our aim,Are you ready to be ready??”Qi Rui,
“I am ready.,This is the bill of lading,You can take the bill of lading directly to the pier to pick up the goods.。”
“thank you very much。”
“Mr. Li,Now the Japanese is still bombing in Guangdong while attacking Wuhan.,Do they really dare to capture Guangdong under our eyelids??”Kaisiwei is reluctant to give up the opportunity to get information. John·Li Qi。
“Mr. Kayiwei,This actually doesn’t have to use me to tell you.,Now the Navy blocks Qinhuangdao, China,Coastline in the South to the North Sea,But Hong Kong and Macao belong to the British and Portuguese are not within the blocking range,And Guangdong is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau,A large number of materials enter Guangdong from Hong Kong to the Mainland,How can the Japanese may look at,So soon they will capture Guangzhou,Cut this transport supply line,You and Chongqing are committed to the same problem,That is the old, think is what the Japanese will not。”
“We have found this problem now.,The last time you said, let me always be happy,That is the Japanese will definitely capture Hong Kong.,Can you determine now??”Kaisiwei said,
“The Japanese army is now landing in Daya Bay.,Because the army in Chongqing is there,The Japanese military will be broken, and it is broken.,Mr. Kayiwei,How long does it take?,The Japanese army will capture Hong Kong,Macao,I am not a dramatic,You are still a good investigation and analyze it.。”
“Mr. Li,Is there any other intelligence??”
“After Guangzhou fell,Chongqing has no significance of no significance in Wuhan.,Therefore, Huajun will automatically evacuate Wuhan.,At that time, I will appear during the stage of meeting.,And that pseudo government will soon be established,Mr. Kayiwei,Your country should have its own decision.?”Qi Rui,
“It should already be,But I have not received a notice yet.。”
“Thank you for your equipment,I will give you a payment today.。”
“Mr. Li,Is there any other intelligence??”
“Treat a good current event first enough.,Waiting for the next time, I will definitely give you more exciting intelligence.。”
Rui Rui took the bill of lading to Zhuang Xiaoman’s home,Because I am worried that the British track,So he let Zhuang Xiaoman have a few hands to transport the equipment to a factory in the legal concession.,This is a device factory,It is Rui, recently to let Zhuang Xiaoman acquired,I have already packed a workshop out to put these equipment.。
Inside a small building in the day,Li Yuxi, the twelfth consecutive, see Hankui。
“Huizi,Haven’t progress yet??”Wine Yi Yibei is a bit an urgent question,
“Mei Huizi,How can we go out?,But now they do not move,We have no good way to find them.,So we have to use a few days of sightseeing group to attract them.!”Hankui Huizi said,
Wine Yi Meihui listened to it:“Huizi, do you mean that the native officer sightseeing group??”
“Correct,It’s them。”
“They are all senior generals and their families.!Use them too dangerous.。”
“It is not a secret to visit to Shanghai to visit Shanghai.,The newspaper will be promoted,At that time, the army and the Ministry of Commanders will protect their security.,In this situation,Do you feel successful??”Hankui Huizi asked,
“Hard to say,Because they are really strong?”
“Mei Huizi,At that time, the entire occupying area will martial arts.!”
NS326chapter Mission impossible
From Japan to Beiping,Tianjin,Qingdao,There are many tourist tourists such as Shanghai and other occupied.,Hankohui said this time is a sightseeing condolence group organized by the Japanese Ministry of Military.,It’s all the family members of some senior officers and frontline commanders.,More than one hundred people。
They will go to Nanjing after arriving in Shanghai to play two days.,The Japanese military army is hoping that this condolence group can take the first time after the Japanese army captures Wuhan.,At the same time, it will bring a large number of condolences from China to the front line.。
Hankui Huizi is speculating military military a must not let this opportunity,At that time, it is indeed a military martial law to protect the safety of the tourism condolence group.,But it is only limited to the area where the tour group is playing.,According to the information,She feels that they should have such strength attacks,Because this group is in the group, there are more than a dozen people.。
Hankui Huizi also wants to see the agent who can use this opportunity to come into contact with the military Shanghai station.,Because it is coming for two months,Killing them, they are not moving.,She didn’t feel strange,Because the last killing action is also over two months.。
“Huizi, do you want to use this opportunity to get into contact with the military killer??”
“Correct,They will not succeed,But will try to fight for,This way they will send people to investigate,We may have a chance.。”
“Huizi,I will try my best to protect the tourism group,I hope your thoughts can be realized。”
Rurui these days are in special high school.,Because Bi Zhongliang of the agent headquarters,Wang Manchun,Liang Zhongchun is very selling very well in order to compete for higher vocational.,They sent most of the agents to the legal rental event。
October 20,Night,Qi Rui and Wang Tianfeng meet again。
“Brother,Do you have anything to see??”
“Small nine,Give me a task,It is difficult to ask how to do it.,I will not come to you.。”After saying that Wang Tianfeng gave a telegram,
Rui Ruihou after the eyebrows:“This task is almost impossible to complete the task,Is this crazy??”
“Small nine,Are you also a little chance??”