Guan Tingna said,Chong Xia Jian smiled sweetly。
Xia Jian stood up,He went to the glass window,Look far away,Then he sighed and said:“It turned out to be under our building,There is a shop specializing in electrical appliances。The owner of this shop is a friend of mine called He Jing。It’s a pity that she has been there for several years。While she was alive,We seem to have been to this Lingguang Temple together,But the Buddha did not leave her in this world”
When Xia Jian said this,,Low voice,Sounds sad。
Where is Guan Tingna standing,She hasn’t spoken for a long time,She was trying to think about the way Xia Jian’s friend looked like,It’s beautiful,Still say heroic free and easy。She thought for a long time,In the end, I still didn’t figure it out。
after awhile,Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Let’s go now!You prepare,High heels are not acceptable,That’s a disadvantage”
“It seems that you haven’t been to this place for a long time,I heard people say,Now you can drive directly to the top of the mountain”
Guan Tingna said,Then turned and left。
Xia Jian turned off the computer,I walked downstairs quickly。He stood in the square and waited for a while,Guan Tingna put on a pair of sneakers,I changed my long skirt into jeans。Guan Tingna dressed like this,Make Xia Jian’s eyes brighten。
“what happened,Does it look bad when I wear this?”
Guan Tingna asked with a smile,Opened her red car。
Xia Jian took a seat in the passenger seat,Hehe smiled and said:“Not ugly,But it shines。It’s really beautiful”
Guan Tingna glanced affectionately at Xia Jian,She didn’t speak anymore,But start the car,Drove quickly away from Pingdu,Drive towards the former Lingguang Temple。