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NS127chapter Fox and love too gung
“You really are looking at this kind of thing it。”Front mask stall,While tea hair girl staring one too gung mask looked at the time,A voice chuckle loudly,Girls came from behind,Tea-haired girl suddenly turned,But see a fox wearing a mask,Like fox general figure was standing behind her。
“Who are you!”Mikoto suddenly startled,He turned quickly,Gazing at the figure http://www.wchats.cn behind,Slightly out current forehead,“how come”She really shocked,after all,Suddenly appeared behind her silent one can really rare。
“Feed,Do you want to respond so big ah。”Figure leng,Then smile soon,“My friends,Do not you hear it Well?”Say,Readily a push,The mask pushed to the forehead,Revealing a teenager goes on familiar faces,With a smile on his face expression。
“It is you。”Mikoto saw Qing,This slightly relieved,At the same time could not help but secretly speechless own overreact,think carefully,There are several people who have no sound in the urban city, and there are several people behind themselves.?
actually,The reason why Meiqin reaction is so exaggerated,Mainly because of the mask of the Qing Palace,Think of the mask,Also let Meiqin suddenly remembered the person who once encountered。
That person has been solved by the event of the fantasy.,http://www.qhoutdoor.cnI have never had it.。Meiqin frowned,Be sure to find a chance to check the chance of the guy
“Hey,what are you thinking about?”Qinggang see Mercure, there is some soul.,Strangely asked,“Don’t you like the chip mask so??Since you like,Just buy it, just.。”Say,Qing Palace,Laughing the boss of the sold mask,“Uncle,Amazing mask。”
“OK。”The boss smiled and looked at this teenager and his sudden face red girl.,Some sigh in your heart,The children now have grown up.。
Meiqin, I don’t know what to buy the mask.,Just now,She suddenly thought of it before,Time when the plate is full of summer festival,The song sang in the Qing Palace,Plus yet another time I saw the Qing Palace,Instantly make Meiqin’s face and red,Tangled in the heart。
think carefully,It’s not short to meet this guy.?Think of this,Meiqin sneaked a look at the Qing Palace of a white dress,Night wind slightly blows the juvenile moon white hazag,With a touch of enthusiasm,Meiqin stared at the serious face under the fox mask on the teenager.,Unconsciously,The face is slightly hot。
What am I thinking?!
This guy is very handsome.,But
“Give!”The Qing Palace has passed the green chip mask from the hands of the boss.,Turned,Seeing Meiqin is still staring at yourself,The Qing Palace can’t help but laugh,“how,I want to wear it on you.?Miss Miqin?”Say,Qing Palace really lifting hands,I am blot on the tear of the girl.,Pick up the mask to wear it to the head of Meiqin。
“Oh, wow.!”Meiqin reacted,Face instant red,“What are you doing, what are you doing?!”Just reach your hand to pick up the Qing Palace.。
“do not move。”The Qing Palace smiled and took a look at the American,Let the latter immediately retracted,This is just a laughter,Seriously wear the mask to the head of Mecougin,This released the hand,Looking down, look at your results.,Satisfied smile。
Almost in the Qing Dynasty,Meiqin is like a frightened deer to jump up.,The face is red and looking at the Qing Palace,Originally, a stunned light is flashing with a wet water,It looks unusual。
When I just put the tea of the Mechanical Mechanical,Meiqin I feel that a hint of electricity suddenly down from his head.,Let her almost play a spirit,But this feeling is not the kind of secret feeling that she is uncomfortable.,on the contrary,Meiqin is surprised to find,I actually don’t want to resist the meaning of resistance.,Even this idea has never raised!
What is going on?!
Mercure the inner heart,The reaction on the face is an extremely honest and more red.,At this moment, the state of the two,It’s like a couple.,Girls look at boys,And the boys, looked at her feelings.,It seems that there is no feeling。
In the corner of the distance。
“Hoot!In the first spring, you let me go.!I want to kill him.!”Celebrity red eyes of a purple bathrobe,Strive to struggle with the claws, want to flutter in the direction of the Qing Dynasty and Meiqin.,It is too much to cause itself to cause bathrobes.,“He actually dares to treat your sister.!He dares, ah.!”Didn’t finish,The black child is like an emperor, I will have a lot of efforts there.。
“Calm, white well classmate!”Behind the black child,Early spring jackets in a pink bathrobe hugged the waist of the black,Use exhaustive to catch the black child,“Is this not normal?,I am used to time long.!”
“嘎?Ah, ah.!”After listening to the first spring,Blackz is first,Then struggle more violent。
“First spring,You can’t talk or deliberately”Sko Sky on the side of the octopus pill,The forehead slightly closes a few black lines。
And a short hair with light brown,Take a little cute girl with a small bundle with a flower rubber band, it is lifting,I can’t understand the first spring and black sons of struggling into a group.。
“I said that I have no relationship with him.!”Mechanic face is full of red, and shouts,“Really,Let me say a few times?!”
Black is still not moving,Watching cold and cold looking at Qing Palace,If you want to kill people,At this time, the Qing Palace has already died numerous times.。