“Chinese Women’s Volleyball” restores the Rio Olympics “China-Pakistan War”, Gong Li and Zhu Ting
Sauna Night News December 24, the movie “Chinese Women’s Volleyball” released a preview of the “New Generation Women’s Volleyball” version, announcing that Zhu Ting, Hui Ruoqi, Xu Yunli, Ding Xia, Zhang Changning and other Chinese women’s volleyball team members joined the 2016 Rio Olympic ChampionshipThe film.The champion players gathered again after 3 years.In 2016, the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the Olympic title after 12 years, and the preview restored the key battle of “China-Pakistan War”.The movie “Chinese Women’s Volleyball” will be released nationwide on the New Year’s Day in 2020.Zhu Ting (Mr. Zhu Ting), “MVP Harvester”, MVP of the three World Championships, is a recognized genius; Captain Hui Ruoqi (Hui Ruoqi), saves lives and guarantees excellent performance, is indispensable in the teamAll-round player; deputy attacker Xu Yunli (Xu Yunli), a three-time Olympic champion, known as the “Southern Great Wall” by his intriguing blockade; Ding Xia (Ding Xia), a “dunk dunk”, moves very fast,Super explosive, famous for his unexpected left-handed offense; Zhang Changning (Zhang Changning), who is fully offensive and defensive, won the world championship as the main attacker under the age of 20, and is known as the black horse of the volleyball court that cannot be underestimated; “Little Apple” Yuan Xinyue (Yuan Xinyue), height 2.01m, the highest in the history of Chinese women ‘s volleyball, high-point fastball as if no one is in the field; “God-level free man” Lin Li (Lin Li), calm and down-to-earth, repeated god-level saves, is a teammate’s mind;”Hammer” Liu Xiaotong (Liu Xiaotong), with great spiking power, has repeatedly made merits as a female volleyball team; “Northern Great Wall” Yan Ni (Yan Ni), her height advantage makes her very good blocking, is the team’s firstDefense line; “Little Universe” Gong Xiangyu (Gong Xiangyu), no matter whether attacking, defending, or serving, there is no obvious short-board all-round response; “Moon God” Wei Qiuyue (Yao Di), three veterans who participated in the Olympics, are extremely stableThe second set connects the team and is the soul of the team.The “China-Pakistan War” shown in the teaser is the key point for the Chinese women’s volleyball team to win the Rio Olympic Games in 2016.In April 2013, Lang Ping was once again the head coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. At this time, the Chinese women’s volleyball team has been out of the world championship for nearly 10 years.After coaching the national team, Lang Ping gradually established a “big national team” system and selected new recruits across the country.In 2016, after leading the team to the Olympics for the first time, Lang Ping faced many difficulties.Of the 12 players, only 3 had Olympic experience. It did n’t take long for the Chinese women ‘s volleyball team to qualify for the group stage with 2 wins and 3 losses. They also met the host Brazil in the quarter-finals.But in the face of the huge pressure against Brazil’s women’s volleyball team for 18 consecutive losses in eight years, the women’s volleyball girls have created miracles.After losing one game first, they reversed the game and defeated the Brazil team. Afterwards, they slammed along and defeated their opponents Holland and Serbia in the group stage. They counterattacked and won the Olympic champion again after 12 years.Regarding the re-appearance of this legendary course, Hui Ruoqi and others also said: “I sincerely thought how difficult we were at that time, and everyone couldn’t help crying after re-experiencing.”In addition to the reappearance of the China-Pakistan War Legends, there are also several interlaced pictures of the new generation of women’s volleyball and the old women’s volleyball in the trailer.In 1979, the old women’s volleyball team worked hard in the Zhangzhou Training Hall, the screams of strength exercises, and the concentrated training of the new generation of women’s volleyball, from passing to blocking every detail of the block.Youth Lang Ping (Bai Lang) and Zhu Ting exactly vigorously spiked the ball. All the comparisons made people deeply realize that the spirit of women’s volleyball team that never gives up after hard work has never disappeared.Simple, the trailer also outlines the lovely side of the new generation of women’s volleyball.After finishing a day of training, Lang Ping (Gong Li) said, “Go and fall in love.”Side.The biggest surprise in the teaser comes from Zhu Ting. During his hard training, Zhu Ting shouted and told Lang Ping, “Become you!””” The powerful explosive force made people burst into tears.Lang Ping said to Zhu Tingyu, “You don’t have to be me, you just have to be yourself”, and she encourages the girls to pursue themselves and live themselves.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Li Xiangling