Mother Lu is a real person,I heard the mother and daughter say so,I didn’t think much,Stand up,Ready to leave。
Lu Menglin couldn’t help frowning,I thought my mother, my friend’s family, is really superb,It’s not sincere to entertain friends, right?,Just go。
But he didn’t bother to have an episode,Anyway, they didn’t look at each other,This kind of friend seems to him to be a general acquaintance,I don’t expect to deal with it again。
then,Lu Menglin and his mother followed behind Aunt Liu and her daughter,Walk towards the lobby door of Yueguixuan Restaurant。
Four people walk through the lobby,Go down the wooden steps,The entrance to the lobby of the restaurant is in front。
I saw a group of people standing in a circle respectfully at the entrance,Aunt Liu’s husband,That Uncle Chen was also among them。
There are eight people in this group,Uncle Chen just stood on the outermost periphery,It seems that his position among this group of people is not very good,It’s just a companion at best。
In the middle of the middle-aged group at the door,Is a chubby middle-aged man,Hair is smooth and smooth,Wear a pair of black frame glasses,Looks like the avant-garde style among this group of people。
This chubby middle-aged man blushes,Speak loudly,A posture of pointing the country,Speak spittingly。
“Do you see it,The one in the middle is Chief Gu。So good-looking,Such people are destined to be high officials。”Aunt Liu said with envy。
Lu Menglin thought to himself,If so lucky,Wouldn’t it be right to marry his daughter??
When I think of the cold scene of Chen Qing and the fat uncle in front of me,Lu Menglin couldn’t help but feel the urge to laugh。
Chen Qing from the side just turned his head,I saw the smile on Lu Menglin’s face,Suddenly full of doubts。