Turkey dry Baba smiles“I don’t do anything else.,I want you to help me do things.,Leave a commemoration。”
“real or fake?”
“That line,You said.,What to do,In addition to helping you have children,And related series of limb contact,Youarm。”
“Not so exaggerated……”
Turkey touches the pen,Draw a love,Hand in Steven·Frontier“Trouble you draw a heart next to it,Draw an arrow through them。”
“Leisurely,Chicken sister doesn’t have to send it.!”
Reality is very bone,Double knife turkey arm is amazing,Steven·Zhou makes the strength of the milk,Bet, you can’t open the chicken paw on your shoulders.。
“Chicken sister,Good brother,I am not afraid that I will tell you.。”
Steven·Zhou and grievances,Sorctivity“Your face is hurt into this picture,I regret that,Also very moving,If old is willing to give a chance to come back,I really don’t want you to be so miserable.。”
“I understand,I don’t ask for something……”
Turkey nose,Noodle angle,Sorrowful“Draw a love,I just want a souvenir。”
“Draw a love, no problem,Very easy,Good brother,I will draw a hundred、One thousand no problem。”
Steven·Zhou Yue said the voice is more“The problem is what this heart is not what,It is just a picture,No matter what you do,You can’t get my heart。”
“Don’t want to be willing,What temper!”
Mud people still have three points of fire,What’s more, turkey,Bite an anger“I am from the mountains.,Just want you to draw a heart,You don’t think that I have done so many things for you.,Also I have to have so many knives for you.。”
“Guan my ass,none of your business,Not I let you block!”
Steven·No sign“According to your statement,Just come over, a person helped me block a knife.,Then I will let me do this.,Then I am still a fart.!”
Dragonfly love,Turkey,Dead, died with white paper with love。
Steven·Circumstance,Hearty,Four times,Liao Wenjie who is not aimed not to remove tea,Raising your hand is a finger“Chicken sister,look,So many prostitutes in the world,How hard loves me this flower,The appearance of that person is not bad better than me.,You can try him。”
Liao Wenjie“……”
Turkey’s consciousness,I immediately took a breath,The legs are all right。
So handsome man!
Chapter 530 Secular troubles come and empty
See the turkey,Steven·Week also follows both glance,Tanker“right,Chicken sister,Just a broken hill, there is such a badge of the people.,Why do you have to attract me?,Not looking at the world.!”
“Listen to the brothers,My Raiders is too high.,You can try a little low,Hey,It’s okay.。”
Steven·Zhou said very awkward,It is also very reasonable,But turkey looked at Liao Wenjie.,The two legs are not eight characters.。
Turkey admits that he likes to watch handsome guys,Only,She is not a casual woman,Don’t see a love。
Compare,Compare,She prefer Stephen·week。
Steven·Zhou Head Leather“No bar,Big sister,Prostitute,He is not bad for me.!”
Reflective force,Steven·There is no thoughts,Suffer,Let the turkey killed this heart。
Turkey listening,Two words。
at this time,A duckling cap,A man wearing a thick autumn clothes ride a bicycle from the hillside,A murderer,Amazing turkey instantly alert。
Killer male ride to Steven·Not far behind,Drop the bicycle,On one side,On the side of your pistol。
Steven·No more,Turkey will open it open,I don’t want to think,Before the blank of the black hole。