“Six brother,I remember!”Rui Rui is now very scared,Yes,料 啸林 ‘s side is not no master,Xu Tian!Can you help them break?!
Zheng Yao first saw that Rui is really nervous.,So much the better,People need to grow up,Rui Rui is only twenty-four years old this year.,With the same age than him is very old。
But he is a person walking on the tip of the knife,Must not carefully cautiously,Many things are hiding,But he is even himself to find。
I often go to the river.,I will meet the ghosts,Zheng Yao first is also to scare it well through this matter.,Let him do what is going to consider the consequences of failure。
Zheng Yao first wanted to leave the place where Rui Rui lived,Because it looks safely,But actually risk is very,After all, we are in special qualifications.,This entry into export is Japanese。
Qi Rui and Fu Ying Xue greeted and opened the door,He came to the legal rental to find Song,Let him find someone who is looking for。
Song Dynasty saw the contact said:“Nine brother,This person is in the day theater,I will contact him this.,I will call you home after things.,Inform you with a dark language。”
“carefully!If there is a situation, you should call, I will know.。”
Xianleis this side is crazy.,He suddenly remembered that the iron forest broke a lot of cases this time.,So I also found him.,啸 林 knows that this is not related to the iron forest,He just wants to quickly recover the money being stolen.,So in my heart, I hate the iron forest is also appealing first and then ordered him to quickly detect the case.。
Iron forest does not want to manage,But the 啸 林 promised to break the case,He personally helps yourself and Liu Ziwi wedding,I don’t know how to buy opium is used to buy opium.。
Tielin wants to solve the case, it must be Xu Tian to help,After Xu Tianlai, she carefully surveted the scene.,The first suspect in his mind is Ji Tiri,Because he saw this devil at the time, it was in deliberate irritation.,Is it to make a chaos to steal the box?!
“Iron forest,You ask 啸林,Long pool Jun auxiliary, I don’t know if there is money.。”Xu Tian said,
“You suspect it is his dry?”
“Underfather,Dare to fare to 主林 主 主 没有 没有,We don’t know what he is doing this money in the office.,But it is definitely not a good thing.,If I guess, I may have a relationship with the Japanese.,If you have long, you will know this money.,He has suspicion!”
“Xu Tian,You are saying that he deliberately angered me to transfer the attention of Xiaolin.,It’s so good to steal the money.!”The days of iron forests followed by Xu Tian.,
“This possibility is very large,And I am very determined now is that the money box is transported by the human car.,Is this long spring even in the legal rental? Is there a Shenghui car line?!”
“Xu Tian!You are very likely.,Mad,I can finally revenge for the Golden Master.!”Iron forest is excited,
Xu Tian shook his head:“Iron forest,Long Pool Junkai is Japanese,Still the special class,We can only prove that the money box is transported by the human car.,It will not prove that Long Tuli is a long-term referring to the behind.。”
“What should I do??”
“If you let the pool, you will know that the car will definitely be exted.,Even if you are tired of your family,So this is not,Tell Xiao Lin directly,Let their dogs bite dogs。”Xu Tian said,
“Xu Tian,How can we do this?,Would you like to go to Shenghui a car first??”
“Iron forest!This time you listen to me.,This long-awaited hand,Do you think that Tail is good?!Provoke him,We will be destroyed!”
NS253chapter Maximum opium agent
Xu Tian’s words Iron forest still listened,He is not a rib,林 弄 so much money what to do,Just like Xu Tian said that there is no good thing to do.,For him to take his family in it is not worth it,Let their dog bite the dog is really a good idea。
“Brother,I’ll listen to you!”
“Then you tell me what I have just analyzed and judged.,If he let you check the car,Never manage!This case is absolutely notgent!”Xu Tian is very savvy,He knows that this case is not average person.,If you find it, you can’t get it.。
Tielin listened to Xu Tian’s words, I found Xiaolin to put all the doubts and said clearly.。
“You said that it is a yellow champion that takes the money box.?”啸 林一 想 想 确 确 可能,A person is easy to pay attention to the big box,And also,Must have a transportation tool,The yellow chassis is more secure than the car.,Because it is, the alley alley can go。
“After the survey should be。”
“You are suspected that the pool is beautiful and black.?”啸 林 carefully pondered this possibility,But I thought about it.:“Iron forest!I know that you hate Tung Jun,But this thing should have no relationship with him.,Unless you take the iron card,Otherwise, I think you want to revenue for a long time。”