Practical tips for killing cockroaches

What to do if there are cockroaches at home?
Practical tips for killing cockroaches

Many homes have cockroaches, especially in places like the kitchen, where cockroaches swarm.

Cockroaches are very upsetting, they can’t be killed, they can’t be killed.

So what about cockroaches at home?

Here I will teach you a few tips for killing cockroaches, let’s learn quickly.

  No matter if you clean your home thoroughly, there will always be nasty cockroaches.

  Cockroaches carry more than 40 types of bacteria, leaving hidden dangers to the health of the family.

  Mosquitoes are afraid of spicy, cockroaches are afraid of fragrance.

  Here are a few super practical tips, safe and non-toxic, but also can drive away cockroaches, learn quickly!

  Method 1 against cockroaches.

Applying soapy water to the ground or wall where cockroaches reproduce is more effective than pesticides.

  Because the grease of the cockroach skull will dissolve as soon as it touches the soapy water, it will not move for about ten seconds.

This method is suitable for situations where cockroach pests in the home are already severe.


Mix 1 small dish of granulated sugar with 1 small dish of baking soda and mix well.

When placed in a place where cockroaches are infested, after about one to two weeks, the cockroaches will disappear without a trace.

  The main principle is to attract cockroaches with sugar, then let the alkali of baking soda destroy the cockroach’s stomach, and eventually die.


Cut the onion into slices or shreds, and place them where the cockroaches often appear. Once the cockroaches smell the pungent smell, they dare not come again!


After being dried or roasted, oranges and lemon peels are placed in various cabinets, which not only function as a deodorant, but also have a certain anti-cockroach effect.


Buy a pack of boric acid in a pharmacy. After dissolving an appropriate amount of boric acid in hot water, wipe the floor with a mop or rag. After drying, white boric acid crystals will penetrate into the gaps in the floor to prevent cockroaches and ants.


Borax and flour are added one by one, and sugar is added. After mixing, make rice balls with the size of rice grains.


Find a piece of paper of appropriate size and sprinkle the detergent on top. You can also sprinkle some sugar water to attract cockroaches.

Place it where cockroaches often appear and it will die after eating detergent.


Cut the pandan leaves in half, bite the pieces together, and place them in the cupboard, closet, or closet of the house. Not only can you keep the indoor environment with the fragrance, but you can also move the cockroach immediately.

  Matters needing attention 01 Do not use your feet to step on cockroaches. Cockroaches must not be beaten with a fly.

Step on the cockroach with a large number of germs and viruses spreading everywhere.

  The egg sheath in the cockroach body is more harmful. This step instead speeds up the reproduction of new cockroaches. Therefore, remember to kill the eggs.

  It is best to use cockroach paper to see each one, which is very accurate and effective.

  02 Do not abuse the cockroach medicine Many people do not have obvious cockroach medicine, so add a few more and mix many kinds of cockroach medicine together.

  In fact, more medicinal products will “backfire” and make cockroaches reproduce more.

And like insecticide aerosols, cockroach pan incense, etc., these things have some toxicity, after all, do not worry about long-term use.
  03 After preventing cockroaches from “neighboring” from neighbouring homes to eliminate cockroaches, various holes and crevices should be blocked to prevent cockroaches from running in from neighboring homes.
  I believe that after reading this article, you have a certain understanding of how to eliminate cockroaches, so we must pay attention to ensuring the hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen, and use some practical tips to eliminate cockroaches.