Kaishijun hybrid fund was set up yesterday to run pension veteran Liang Futao

Source: Securities Daily.net Original title: Kaishenyu hybrid fund was established yesterday, pension fund veteran Liang Futao took charge. Recently, Kaishen Fund issued an announcement. Kaishenyu hybrid fund was established on September 23, 2019. The initial fundraising scale was 4.

8.4 billion.

  The original source said that the Shanghai Composite Index recently hovered at the 3,000-point mark, and the issue of funds was also a two-day battle.

In the absence of a corporate halo in the head, the launch of the Kaishiyue Mixed Fund went smoothly, with effective subscriptions of 6,478, with an average subscription share of about 7.

50,000 yuan, the structure of the holder is good.

It can be seen that after more than two years of layout and accumulation, Kaishi Fund has laid a solid foundation in terms of investment strength, channel services and brand building.

  It is reported that, in order to help clients achieve wealth appreciation, Kai Shi Fund has released a sound investment staff in the insurance asset management field with rich investment experience since its establishment.

Among them is Liang Futao, who is the manager of Kai Shizhen’s mixed fund.

The data shows that Mr. Liang Futao has 16 years of investment research experience (5 years of experience in profitable industry companies, macro strategy research experience, 10 years of pension, insurance fund investment management experience).

  Obviously, in the product management of public offerings, Liang Futao has made good use of his complete research and long-term pension investment management experience, using his characteristics of stock selection methods and asset allocation experience that are conducive to sustainable development.The management of stocks and modest positions has better enabled the combined income to “hold the weak market and keep up with the strong market”, and realized gradual excess returns based on risk control.

  At present, the 深圳桑拿网 Kai Shilan leader under the control of Liang Futao will open a hybrid fund, which was established in December 2018.

Thanks to the persistence of the sustainable strategy, when the market fell at the end of the year, the fund ‘s net value was almost “unscathed”; when the index rose in the first quarter of this year, it effectively kept up with the market; the recent market adjustments and changes achieved excessive returns.

Data show that, as of September 12, Kai Shilan’s leading company has decided to convert 32 funds since its establishment.

38%, compared to the benchmark period yield of 18.

86% excess return.

  After more than a year of practice, this pursuit of robust and sustainable style has also been recognized by more and more channels and holders.

Liang Futao proposes that, for the management of Kaishizheng 杭州桑拿 mixed fund, it will continue to implement the allocation strategy of excess returns based on risk control, adhere to its unique “M-ROE-G” value growth stock selection method, and control the randomness of stock selectionTo create a better base-holding experience for fund holders.

  Looking ahead, Liang Futao said that the market has improved since the beginning of this year, and even has a short-term shock adjustment, but we are still optimistic about the long-term trend.

In terms of asset allocation, we will continue to be optimistic about large consumption, services and technology that meet the recognized characteristics of the new development cycle.

In the past two years, Kaishi Fund has taken “industrial research” as its starting point and relied on the study of the seven core areas. It has already accumulated rich experience in the value mining of the industrial chain, and will also provide strong support for Kaishi’s asset allocation.