So when he crawled on the washbasin,Because of the fingers,He really vomited。To know,People who have drunk only need to vomit,It’s really out of control。
An unpleasant smell emanated from the half-open toilet。Wu Ling smelled this smell,Panicked and covered his nose with his hand,Then he lowered his voice and said:“He looks really bad,do it according to plan”
Xiaona nodded,Walked lightly to the bathroom。Xia Jian who vomited,I heard a slight noise behind me。He simply pretended that his legs were weak,The whole person sat on the floor of the bathroom。
Xiaona couldn’t help but exclaim,Caught up in two steps,Helped Xia Jian。But it’s still a step too late,Xia Jian’s ass is already sitting on the floor。
Fortunately, the floor is dry,Otherwise Xia Jian would be really embarrassed。He crawled on Xiaona’s shoulder,Two people walked out step by step。
Xia Jian half-squinted,Laughed and said to Xiaona:“Sister Wu!Your skin is so slippery,You said okay to accompany me to bed tonight”Xia Jian deliberately talked nonsense,Xiaona believes it,She keeps laughing,Just didn’t say a word。
Lost in,Xia Jian was helped by Xiao Na into a carpeted room。of course,At the door,The shoes on his feet were taken off by Xiaona。
There is a big bed in a spacious room,The big bed is spread with a brand new quilt,Look around,A bed of pink。Xia Jian pretended to stand unstable,I fell on the bed。
Xiaona took a breath,Then came the sound of her wearing clothes。Xia Jian’s guess is correct,It’s not Wu Ling who is with him tonight,Still this Xiaona。
After taking off her clothes, Xiaona went into the bathroom,In a while,There was a rushing sound from the bathroom。It seems that this woman is going to take a bath。
Xia Jian quickly stood up,He looked carefully at the layout of the room for a while,He was actually looking for a camera,Or something like a bug。
Xia Jian’s eyes are very poisonous,He scanned the whole room carefully,I’ll stop when I find it’s the same。
First2209chapter True or false
The light shines softly in every corner of the room,Looks very comfortable。Xia Jian’s eyes are piercing,There is no hint of drunkenness in it。
On the hanger at the door,Hanging the cheongsam that Xiaona just took off,And conjoined flesh-colored stockings。See these things,It’s not hard for Xia Jian to think that when Xiaona in the bathroom comes out,What will it be like。
This woman is not ugly,Even a bit attractive。At least Xia Jian thinks so,But Xia Jian knew in his heart。A man can be passionate,But don’t use emotions,Even merciful everywhere。Like this occasion tonight,He just can’t have a whim,Otherwise, he might be ruined by this woman Wu Qian。
suddenly,The sound of water in the bathroom stopped,Xia established the horse and climbed down again。But when he climbed this time,Is crawling upside down on the bed,For the convenience of watching the movement at the door。