Although Zhao Xiaoying although these days have been mad。
But she can still hear the sound around the bed.。
I know what happened in myself these days.。
I also know that Wanyi will run for himself.,I don’t know how many days and nights on the side of the bed.。
soon,New reviewctTime,Doctors did not find the trace of thrombosis,It seems that the pulmonary embolism is already good.。
Factual prove,Antiocoagonal treatment solution is effective,Most of the thrombosis is dissolved.,Pulmonary artery flow recovered smooth。
Even if some small thrombosis does not matter,Will not cause a significant impact,Will be met with people naturally。
After the unremitting efforts of Zhou Yewu and Li Tianci,Also because Zhao Xiaoying’s tenacious life will,17After the day,Zhao Xiaoying lefticuWard,Go to Grease Medicine to continue treatment。
Digestive internal ward。
“I thought I want to be a big surgery.,Leave a scar on the belly。”Zhao Xiaoying smile,Although the face is not very good,The body has not recovered yet,But the spirit is good。
Not everyone has the luck of the dead escape,But Zhao Xiaoying did,The body is weak but has a hopeful hope,Take a break in a while。
“Heavy pancreatitis does not require surgery,Cut the pancreas?”Zhou Yewu was smiled by Zhao Xiaoying’s imagination.,The pancreas is different from the appendix,It is a very important digestive organ,If you cut off the entire digestible system, it will be confusing.。
Zhou Yewei stood in the Acacia patient looked at this from,Patient who sent it to the digestive internal medicine,Suddenly, some distressed……
One28Aged girl just married,But I have experienced so many twists and turns.,I think of it now.,It is really feeling and embarrassing。
But not saying,Zhao Xiaoying after recovery,The appearance is really moving。
No wonder Li Hui can stay in the door and stay with you in the door.……
This is true love.!
Zhou Ye blessed two,I have gone out the ward,Back to the emergency again。
If a person does not have a pancreas,His digestive system will soon disorder,Big problem。
On the other hand, he will soon suffer from diabetes.,Because of pancreatic production of insulin,Is a very important organ。
Diabetes is because of lack of insulin,So I need to pay attention to the diet.,Injection of insulin remains healthy。
Zhao Xiaoying’s pancreatitis reported a paragraph,But how did this pancreatitis happen??
Later, Chen Riyuan also joined research,Carefully study gallbladder stones、Pancreatic catheter blocking、High glycerol triaphochloride, etc.,These are the most common culprits that cause pancreatitis,Unfortunately,Zhao Xiaoying did not have these situations。
later,When an emergency department is discharged from the hospital,And Zhao Xiaoying’s conversation,Chen Riyuan learned that Zhao Xiaoying has a history of high blood pressure,I have been eating a buck。
then,Chen Riyuan is thinking,So Zhao Xiaoying’s husband took over,I found that it is a diuretics of hydrochlorothiazine.。
This medicine is really good for the treatment of high blood pressure.,However, there is a possibility of induced pancreatitis in actual life。
Can you use this reason?,Chen Riyuan is just a guess。
But it is impossible to let Zhao Xiaoying try again.,The evidence currently master can only explain this,However, it is still not used after hydrochlorothiazide.,Hypertension has many more effects!
This is because Zhao Xiaoying has made pancreatitis,Pancreatic liquid secretion port in duodenum,Connected with the stomach,If you use a stomach tube,,The food will reach the duodenity through the stomach tube。
The duodenum increases the workload,Will keep pancreatic secretion more liquid,Such a patient’s pancreas is more busy,Not conducive to treatment and recuperation。
Zhao Xiaoying used the nose bowel tube,Will let the pipe directly enter the patient’s small intestine supply nutrition,Will not pass through the duodenum。