Xia Jian sat on the sofa and said:“This Wang Youcai bets everywhere,Do you know this?“
Zhao Hong glanced at Chen Erniu,Speak softly:“know!It’s not just him in our village,Chen Gui also participated,But now Chen Gui has stopped“
“This http://www.jinshahaianxian.cn bastard,Rabbits still don’t eat grass,I heard that several young people in the village have followed his way“Xia Sanhu said bitterly。
Xia Jian glanced at everyone,Took a breath and said:“This guy is too bad,It’s time to get rid of him,Continue like this,Something big will happen“
“He is like a fish,Can’t catch him,Chen Gui has to start this matter“Chen Erniu said,Took a look at Zhao Hong,Because of this, he and Zhao Hong know best。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Ok!You invite Chen Gui to call here,But can’t let anyone know,Otherwise, the wind will be revealed,I’m afraid it will be difficult to catch him“
“I know,I will find a way to get him here“Chen Erniu was talking,And opened the village committee’s broadcast。
Just when everyone didn’t know what he was going to do,Chen Erniu shouted into the microphone:“Villager Chen Gui,Please go to the village committee financial office,You had a problem with your attendance last month,I need you to check it yourself“
Turn off the radio,Chen Erniu looks very proud。Mo Yan who was sitting next to him couldn’t help but smile and said:“Yo!You still learned fine here,This way can also be thought of“
Everyone looks at Chen Erniu,As if he has been stupid,Made him a little embarrassed to lower his head。
Not much time,I saw Chen Gui running into the gate of the village committee out http://www.syw111.cn of breath,Standing on the balcony, Chen Erniu waved his hand,This guy rushed into the office。
When he saw everyone was there,And Xia Jian was there,He felt something was wrong,But this person is a bit cunning,He laughed and said:“I went to the wrong place,You guys busy“Turn around and leave。But the door was blocked by Chen Erniu one step。
He said nervously:“What are you guys doing?Have something to say,Do not set up private courts,Otherwise I will go to the market to sue you“This is a guilty conscience,I feel a little scared if he doesn’t hit him。