Who is the perfect husband in a woman’s heart

We all say that a woman ‘s mind is hard to guess, but it ‘s actually not as difficult to imagine as many people think; many people are silent and do n’t know that women like men. In fact, as long as you meet one of the following ten conditions, guarantee that she will love youReluctant to let go!

What are the conditions? Let’s take a look.

In the eyes of every woman, she has different standards for her husband. If you are a woman and want to choose a man, are you optimistic about the ten reference standards described below?

  Men’s and women’s perspectives are always different. There is also a ruler in women’s eyes to go to some men, and look at the ten best-selling husbands in the eyes of women after the 80s!

Every unmarried woman will look forward to meeting a gentle, affectionate, understanding, generous, and single-minded man. Of course, it is best to have an economic basis and be handsome.

I think this should be the standard of the so-called “needless man” in the minds of women.

Relentless may not be true heroes, how can lovers not husbands?

The assessment of men is nothing more than consideration of income, temperament, and character.

  The first place looks better than Pan An’s finalist index: ★★★★★ His appearance will remind you of Pan An or Song Yu, where he stood is already a scenery.

When he looks at you, his eyes are the brightest stars; when he smiles, the sun is not as bright and colorful as he is.

No matter where he is, he is the first thing people notice.

Mention him, everyone will become a thumb, forcefully called out a word: handsome!

Idol-level popularity index, discharge-like temptation, who said that only beautiful women love at first sight?

The handsome guy is also the object everyone dreams of.

If you can marry a man with a perfect shape like a model, then the dream of the girlhood can be restored to completion. What is it to be a woman husband?

  The second Wizard of the World Wizards finalist index: ★★★★★ Pointing at the country, and promoting the text is his masterpiece, no matter what he says, he will follow a lot of crowds; no matter what he writes, it will become the most attention topic.
At the party he was the center of the crowd. At home he was Bai Xiaosheng, Zhuge Liang, and Tang Bohu.

He is proficient in writing, writing, and writing poems. He will praise you with the most charming words, he will move you with the most passionate words, and he will laugh at you with the most humorous words.

His thinking is three times faster than yours forever. He thought of it that you didn’t think of, and even of the American president didn’t think of it.

He has been known for 500 years, 500 years, and 500 years, and is a rare wizard in any field.

  The third successful person was shortlisted: ★★★★★ His career is absolutely successful, and the entry to the rich list is just around the corner.

No matter what you want, he doesn’t hesitate to buy it immediately.

If you want a diamond ring, he will pick the biggest one for you; if you want a car, he will choose the latest one for you; if you want a house, he will choose the most luxurious location for you; if you want the stars in the sky, although he cannot buy it, he willI’ll write a check for you to discuss with the aerospace department . He can easily meet all your material requirements.

  The fourth romantic lover finalist index: ★★★★★ Falling in love with him will be the most romantic thing in your life.

I will give you the sunset in the attic or the kiss in the spring rain, the memories of riding a bicycle and the sweetness of sitting in a bar and listening to him singing a love song.

He can sit at your window and play the guitar on a snowy night, or he can give you 999 roses on Valentine’s Day, or suddenly pull up your hand at a boring party and say: Let’s go and watch the stars together!

Xiao Bian Whisper: Women like romance. Occasionally, giving a woman a small gift can move her!

  Fifth strong and strong finalist index: ★★★★ Healthy and lively men, all covered with strong muscles, not only feel good, in case they stomp their feet and fall their legs, they can also let him carry him upstairs.

He usually cleans and repairs electrical appliances. Needless to say, it’s all his responsibility. After vacation, you can play with him, climb mountains, travel, jog, have endless sports fun, and you can never worry about his physical condition.People with an incomparable sense of security.

His wide chest will be your most comfortable harbour. With him, you will feel full of energy and full of vitality.

  The sixth home man finalist index: ★★★★ Family is always the first for him. You don’t have to worry that he will fooling around with colleagues after work. He must be back in the earliest car to clean up the house and cook.

He loves this little family just as he cares about his eyes, and he will never have a little bit of care.

If you give birth to a baby for him, he will feel that he is the happiest man in the world, and well organized all housework on himself.

There is only one thing in my heart: forever, I will always watch the sunrise and the moon with you on the balcony.

  The seventh-ranked polite finalist index: ★★★ He lives with you respectfully, and presents gifts and diligent visits to the elderly during the holidays.

When doing housework, I like to subdivide with you. He should never be lazy when he should do it, and he should never intervene when he should do it.

You are ill, he is caring; when you lose your temper, he is humble and courteous.

At the age of 60, you will give him a bowl of rice and he will say “thank you”; at the age of 70, he will kiss your cheek and say goodbye before going out; at the age of 80, he will say good night to you before falling asleep on the rocking chair.… He will always keep an insurmountable distance with you, telling you by action: distance produces beauty.
  The eighth sentiment index for mood men: ★★★ His clothes are all bought in large department stores, and you are also prohibited from shopping in the clothing wholesale market; the coffee he drinks must be ground and cooked with coffee beans, and you are also prohibited from buyingTeabag tea; he is used to eating western food on the first floor of the World Trade Hotel, and forbids you to eat at the street stalls in the lively night market . everything in the home is as exquisite as he said (to you?

Furnishings: The lamp is glassy (wave?

) Simia crystal, the wall is imported environmentally friendly paint, the sofa is IKEA, the bedspread is exported, the hardcover coated paper magazine must be scattered on the coffee table, there must be no storytelling or humorous king . your friendsIt all depends on the sophistication of your life. You will often find some small decorations in your home that are worth thousands of dollars, and they are just right.

  The ninth place is about the morale finalist index: ★★ For you and all of his friends, he is the representative of justice.

He could not resign for the sake of his friends, and he was full of classic chivalry.

Emphasis on commitment, light money, righteousness, don’t hesitate to help each other.

Your little bird walks beside him, watching him and his friends drink three boxes without getting drunk, watching him run for friends, watching him praised by others, and admiring and admiring him in his heart., And contentment and pride.

This is the real man who can entrust his life.

If he falls in love, he will thank God for his care, and once he falls in love with you, this life will not change.

  The tenth gentle and pleasant finalist index: ★★ He doesn’t care much about you, and you don’t need to care about him.

He is hungry, and you can eat shabu-shabu for him. He can also eat it very well. You can wear whatever he wears. It doesn’t matter how embarrassing. He doesn’t care what he gives him, as long as he has his own idea, no matterWhether it is watching the ball or playing the game, he is satisfied.

When he is playing, you can also do a lot of things you want to do, have enough time to write things, go online, watch TV, trick cats and dogs, maybe you do not talk to each other for many nights, but occasionally tired, lyingWhen he sleeps, he will still hold you like a child and say, “Wife, you are so nice. What can I do without you!”