On the morning of June 3, Datong Hydro-Tuo New Energy Industry Base was originally put into the workshop first production line, marking the middle end of this base lithium battery negative material in the middle of the line.

  Production workshop.

  It is reported that the hydrogen is also a new energy industry base to purify the workshop is a spherical graphite purified production line, which consists of 6 production lines. After the equipment is put into production, it can realize the purification of annual production of 20,000 tons of spherical graphite.

  The main person in charge of the Datong Municipal Government said that the landing of hydrogen is also new energy industry base is the driving role of major investment projects, implementing the pilot requirements for the comprehensive reform of energy revolution, in new technology, new materials, new equipment, new equipmentThe product and new state are important measures to seek new breakthroughs.

(Ma Jingbo).