"These days, no matter which city you are in the country, as long as it is a school-age youth of Jinan City, the circle of friends will receive the promotion of the recruitment promotion.

"The author learned from the people of Jinan City, Shandong Province, from January 20th, the people of the people were screened from the catasters from the catasters from the late people and 45 to 65 years old. Targeting the promotion of the recruitment propaganda film to their friends circle, covering the national conscription network link, participating in the military registration consulting phone, etc. Docking communication, playing military landlock advantage, exploring new roads using "big data" thinking to carry out recruitment promotion, and adopting WeChat friends circle information push form expansion line publicity. They rely on operator position and labeling ability, taking technical means to people in the jurisdiction Identity characteristics, location information and other data for analysis, desensitizing data (hidden user name, phone, location and other personal information), provide data support for information release recommendation.

The information distribution system issued a recruitment propaganda film to the target group to ensure that the conscription information quickly and effectively passed the target group, and stimulated the school-age young entrance to report the enthusiasm. "In the era of traffic, let the traffic are better serving for the recruitment publicity." Li Bin, the head of the network operator technical department participating in the online recruitment, is currently being developed "Lixia District Recruitment Promotion WeChat The small program ", through the applet can be fully displayed in 2021, including registration, initial examination, physical examination, medical examination, collection conditions, etc. Help the user navigate and reach the goal of the transfer. "This form is very good, currently has been accumulated to 60,000 school-aged youth and 110,000 parents to the jurisdiction." Looking at the daily hearing promotional film click quantity, Li Shu Ministry of Political Commisss Li Li Ke said.

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