Watery eyes most people are prone to insomnia?

Human nerves have supervisors who are hyperactive, and supervisors who suppress, they must cooperate with each other.

When sleeping, it is the nerve function that is in charge of inhibition. If its function fails, people will be excited and cannot sleep.

  When I was looking at comic strips as a kid, I like the sika deer inside most because its eyes are very beautiful, big, full of aura, but nervous and sensitive, as if it contains water.

Later, after graduating from university, I went to clinical work. Following the teacher’s first clinic, I encountered such a patient: a young man, very thin and spirited, his eyes are very beautiful, especially godlike, much like the eyes of a sika deer I saw when I was a kid.

At that time, the teacher felt the pulse and asked, “Don’t sleep well?

The young man said immediately, “I just came to see insomnia.

“He was very cooperative, and he seriously made” props “for our interns.

I found that his complexion and lips were very red, unlike the man, which was gorgeous.

The teacher said, “Young man, when your eyes are not so pretty, you will fall asleep.

“It made him embarrassed.

If he went to see a Western doctor, he would probably diagnose a nervous breakdown.

  Human nerves have supervisors who are hyperactive, and supervisors who suppress, they must cooperate with each other.
When sleeping, it is the nerve function that is in charge of inhibition. If its function fails, people will be excited and cannot sleep.

If you are always excited, you will be consumed, you will be injured by fire, you will be weak, and your neurotransmitters will be exhausted.

Neurotransmitters transmit neural signals. Certain upper-level neurotransmitters are exhausted and cannot transmit nerve impulses, including the signal that someone is sleeping, and people will lose sleep.

Fire is caused by yin deficiency, and yin deficiency is the result of burning away fluid, so it is a vicious circle.

  The “yin” in Chinese medicine is tangible, and some blood, fluid, etc. are all.

The “god” of human lives in the tangible “yin”, called the mind and heart, and lives in the “heart water” and “kidney yin”, because the heart and kidney intersect, guard each other and pass through the body.

The “mind” related to sleep and consciousness lives in this small environment and plays a role.

  Yin deficiency, heart yin, and kidney yin are insufficient, which means that the living places provided for the mind are staggered. In severe cases, the mind may be displaced and walk around-at this time Chinese medicine calls it “mind floating”-the person begins to lose sleep.Or fall asleep and dream.

During the day, such people’s eyes will be abnormal, prominent, and have gods. In fact, that’s abnormal.

People with schizophrenia have straight eyes, unlike normal people, and they are also extremely exposed.

By replenishing the mind and yin, we are building a large enough home for the mind of the “nowhere to settle down” and letting it have a place to rest.

  At that time, the teacher used the cinnabar anshen pills as a basis for the young man to modify. He ordered the soup to be fried and then used hot soup to pour a raw egg yolk to eat together. When the tongue and lips are not so red, the egg yolk can be skipped.Already.

  Egg yolk has the effect of replenishing yin and removing fire in Chinese medicine.

This usage comes from the famous recipe “Huanglian Ejiao Decoction” in “Distinguishing of the Illnesses”, which is to use Huanglian, Ejiao, Scutellaria baicalensis and Baizhi Jiantang to pour a raw egg yolk to treat upset and insomnia caused by overheating.

Because the young man had a bad appetite, the teacher replaced the gelatin with egg yolk-gelatin has a stronger yin-reinforcing effect, but it is too greasy and easily affects appetite.

  In addition to medication, the lifestyle of insomniacs is also important. The most important thing is not to stay in bed for too long.

Some people read books, use computers, and watch TV all in bed. They can’t sleep when they really want to sleep.

The correct way is to go to bed and go to bed. In this environment, let yourself fall asleep and cultivate a kind of nerve reflex.

If you can’t sleep for more than half an hour, you should get up and do some other activities, and then go to bed when you are sleepy.

  A special note here is that my teacher does not judge the beautiful eyes of the insomnia just by touching the pulse.

Visiting the doctor, that is, seeing his spirit and complexion, played a great role in the diagnosis.

Modern people especially like traditional Chinese medicine to let the doctor take the pulse as soon as they come up. They often walk around the clinic and say, “Doctor, what kind of illness do you feel when you touch me?”

“In the past, when I was a doctor, I didn’t like such patients. I always felt that he should let me tell fortunes in the future.

  In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a saying of “sending the pulse to follow the card”, that is, when the pulse and the symptoms conflict, it is necessary to obey the symptoms and cause the symptoms to be diagnosed.

However, there has never been a case of “passing the tongue and giving evidence”, indicating that the tongue and tongue coating can directly reflect the nature of the disease.

Pulses have a lot to do with the subjective feelings of doctors and may not reflect the whole picture of the body.  The reason why I say this is to make everyone understand that the diagnosis of a disease by simply touching the pulse is often a trick, not a distance from Chinese medicine.

You know, modern equipment has a lot of people’s instincts, including the sense of touch when the pulse is touched.

The ancients allowed the diagnosis to be confirmed by simply touching the pulse, and few doctors around us were so capable.