Recently, the reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Department of Education that while taking the lead in realizing the clearing of off -school training institutions in the country, Qinghai Province has basically achieved the full coverage of the "5+2" model of the school after class in the compulsory education stage. Cover, the province’s after -school service, operation and teaching management work has been steadily advanced.

  According to the national basic education "dual reduction" monitoring platform, as of now, Qinghai Province’s 682 compulsory education schools that should carry out after -school services have all carried out post -class services, and the service time has reached the standard. ; Thousands of students participated in after -school services, 10,000 teachers participated in after -school service work. In addition, 473 off -school professionals participated in the post -school service work.

In the survey of the satisfaction of the overall burden and quality work of 10,000 students and their parents in the province, parents satisfy the satisfaction of%, and the student satisfaction is%.

  At the same time, the national basic education "dual reduction" monitoring platform shows that as of now, 1017 compulsory education schools in the province have all opened the state stipulated courses, established the publicity system in the school, and introduced operation management measures; operation time control The number of schools that meet the number of schools, the number of "zero starting points" in the starting grade, the number of schools that do not arrange homework or require parents to correct homework have reached 100%. In the next step, the Provincial Department of Education will further improve the service level of the school after -school school. By implementing teacher -after service subsidies as soon as possible, creating a model after class service, holding the after -school service site meeting, improving the quality of effective operation design, exploring the after -class service to the winter and summer vacation to the winter and summer vacation Extension and other measures to strengthen the role of school education, allow students to learn to return to campus.

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