It’s a guardian of health

Are you still picking coriander while eating?
It’s a guardian of health

Coriander is not popular, and even its delicate color will make the garnish very attractive, but when eating, people often remove the cilantro to the side and prepare to be left out.

  Coriander effect 1, increase appetite Coriander can not only garnish dishes, but also increase aroma, it has the effect of flavoring.

Therefore, from the visual, olfactory and taste perspective, coriander can help increase appetite.

  2, Xiaoshi coriander has the effect of strengthening the stomach, especially for people with spleen and stomach deficiency, which can help digestion and regulate the spleen and stomach.

  3. Promote blood circulation. The health of the human body gradually reaches the rate of metabolism. Coriander can expel cold and accelerate the flow of blood in the body, so that metabolites can replace the body as soon as possible, helping to improve immunity.

  4. The beauty and beauty of coriander is rich in nutrition. Among them, the content of vitamins C and E is even higher than that of tomatoes.

Therefore, eating coriander often has the effect of beauty and anti-aging.

  How to eat coriander Many people eat coriander just to sprinkle some coriander on other substitutes to make it look more appetizing. In fact, coriander itself can also be used as a main course, and there are manyCooking methods.

For example, you can fry shredded pork and dried tofu; you can put it in a hot pot and eat it; you can chop dumplings; you can also eat it with cold wine and vegetables.

Therefore, developing more ways to eat coriander can make it more popular.