Chinese version of “Memories of Murder”?No, the director would like to make “Zodiac”
The crime suspense crime movie “Nineteen Years of Pursuing Murder” is about to be released nationwide on November 22, and this year’s Pingyao International Film Festival was evaluated by the film chairman Marco Mueller as a “new domestic type”.The film focuses on a serial murder case. Since 1999, there have been many rape homicides against young women in the peaceful and peaceful city of Hongzhou. The victim’s skin was cut off by the murderer in the shape of a daisy.In the nineteen-year detection process, grassroots policemen Liu Yibo and He Chen battled with the murderer wisely and bravely, while repeatedly playing with themselves. The case blocked the dilemma and also changed their lives.The conventional crime film of the same type before “The Nineteen Years of Pursuing Murder” focuses on the description of the details of the case, but instead weakens the motive of the murderer in a targeted manner, but at the same time presents more and more the haunting haze of the two primary policemen, Really show their working status and life.Filmed in Zhang Jiakou, the hometown of director Xu Xiangyun, the coal mines, dilapidated factories, and backward county streets in the film are all in a familiar environment.The film’s original title was “Unkillable”, which came from the sixth rule of the Ten Commandments. Later, because it felt that the name was too bloody, the production team could change it to “Nineteen Years after Pursuing the Murder”, which made the discovery type and time span simple and clear.Before filming his debut film “Nineteen Years of Pursuing Murder”, the post-90s director Xu Xiangyun worked as a screenwriter for many years of crime manipulation and internet drama. “Forensic Qin Ming” and “Ten Deadly Sins” all came from him.At the beginning of his creation, Xu Xiangyun did research and investigation of real real cases. Like many enthusiasts, he wanted to know who was the murderer of the serial murder case, the motivation, the method of handling the case, and the creation of the puzzle.However, in the increasingly in-depth understanding of the case, Xu Xiangyun changed his creative direction.Over the past 20 years, what kind of changes have taken place in the psychological and living conditions of the police involved in the case, but gradually become the focus of Xu Xiangyun’s attention.Liu Yibo questioned the suspect.From the perspective of two grassroots policemen, the film is no longer a “hero policeman” with a halo of omnipotence, but two ordinary people who are entangled in justice and responsibility, insist on the process of trying to give up.The police in the sideline plot was forced to divorce his wife because of the case, imitating the huge disappointment brought by the crime to find clues, and more solidly revealed their lives.After shooting this type of film that can accommodate more themes, many viewers mentioned that the plot and overall temperament are similar to “Memories of Murder”. Xu Xiangyun said that the similarity in the scene may be because Zhangjiakou itself is like this.On the way, the processing method of the type film will be relatively close. Some of the crime scene evidence was taken by the dog. It was when the police told us a joke at the time. There was also the friendship between the two policemen. Family members (Huang Lu)There are real examples of character crises and so on.But I was actually impressed by the influence of David Finch’s “The Zodiac”. I like this kind of writing, which is not particularly intense, but interlocking.”There are more and more young directors who choose crime suspense as their debut type. In Xu Xiangyun’s opinion, the type of crime suspense is not unfamiliar, the audience acceptance is very high, and there is always good market performance and feedback.Creators can add a lot of their emotions and expressions to this type.”Crime suspense can tolerate a lot of topics, and in many cases it can gradually be used as a benchmark to tap more propositions.Just as inference novels have extended more factions from the original school, there are many points of concern outside the case.Of course, it is not just criminal suspense, all types are looking for new propositions and stories.”Unfortunately, real characters should have more extreme emotions. For the first time, the film directed Xu Xiangyun sincerely only scored 6 points for” The Nineteen Years of Pursuing the Murder “. I feel that I have put too many things in the script.Form the ability to empathize with the audience.For example, if you want to realize the style of weakening the case, but you are afraid that the average audience feels that the information is not enough. After balancing the opinions of all aspects, the protagonist narration is added in the follow-up. In fact, I am not very satisfied because it creates a strong sense of form.Wang Ting is playing Liu Yibo.Xu Xiangyun also regretted the “emotional vent” of the two policemen.In his conception, Liu Yibo was originally involved in this case for his own promotion. He slowly looked for his meaning in the case, and He Chen participated in the case with anger because he was the victim ‘s family.Two ordinary people need to have more real emotions when facing the prisoner.Song Ningfeng plays He Chen.”The movie was launched in March 2018, and cooperation with the Ministry of Public Security has been determined, so we are responsible for the image formation of the police, and there are inevitably some reductions, which we have expected.In some dramas, I may feel that even more intense expression of the character’s character is more complete in the whole emotional presentation, but in fact, I think that reducing the intensity of the impact on us is not too great.”Xu Xiangyun added.[Interview]It is difficult to write psychological changes. Why do you use two clues to pay attention to the changes in the psychological and living conditions of the two policemen?Such processing will cause expansion of the plot type.Xu Xiangyun: Before shooting, we went to interview a lot of real police officers to understand their lives.I found that many people cannot be separated by the impact of the case, and the balance between the case and family life cannot be clearly distinguished. It may be changed by the case for a lifetime.As the creator, it touched me, which is more important than making the movie more genre and cater to the expectations of the audience.Viewers of a very typed film may find that they have known each other after watching it. After watching “The Nineteen Years of Pursuing Crime”, everyone will remember two people and will think about some issues. I hope you can know that some people live like this.Of course, most of the lens focus on the police will expand the sense of suspense, which may affect the viewing effect.It is very difficult to write psychological changes. I feel that my ability and experience are limited, and I may not feel a sense of balance.Director Xu Xiangyun.Sauna Night Net: The murderer’s motive for committing crimes should have great potential for interpretation and selling points, but the film has been greatly weakened. Why is this handled?Xu Xiangyun: I originally cut this scene (the murderer’s confession), but the crew’s feedback from the crew did not leave the audience confused.In fact, that scene Liu Yibo came to the police station, and the murderer was questioned in the next room. He even more lamented He Chen ‘s dedication and sacrifice. In the same context of the two scenes, I think this is enough.However, the current ending is not sufficiently typed, and the audience may feel that the explanation is relatively sloppy and unsatisfactory. In fact, it is intentional.By 2018, in fact, I have not put more pen and ink on the case. Maybe the case can be solved by a new technology. This will not have a ridiculous effect, and it is also possible to attack the protagonist.The prototype of the murderer comes from a Russian murder case that I saw before. The murderer had a very good impression of his mother when he was a child, but his death caused great harm to him.Becoming him is an oedipus, and substitutes and feels that his pain is caused by the lack of the mother. With the psychology of wanting to kill the mother, the victims are somewhat similar to his mother in appearance. It can be said that he has never been from childhood.Came out of the pain.This is a relatively expected psychology of serial murders.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan editor Huang Jialing school against Zhao Lin