“To what extent did you learn?”
Shi Mu Luo wanted to pass the gun directly to Yu Zhe,But after thinking,Feel wrong,So I asked him。
“I have never learned,My original master because……”
Yu Zhe abruptly ate the last half sentence back,The reason why he didn’t learn,It’s also because of He Zhiliang’s hand injury,He was a little afraid to say it would make Shi Mu Luo think of herself。
“What you say……”She looks a bit distressed,After all, she herself is not good at teaching others,This has been shown before。
“You should know the most basic safety?”
Yu Zhe shook his head unexpectedly。
It seems that I really have to start from the beginning……
Shi Mu Luo sighed,Slightly desperate,But since it’s her decision,There is nothing to complain about。
She explained to Yu Zhe in detail how to use a gun so as not to hurt herself,Really did it,Although she thinks Yu Zhe as an adult,I should not be able to point a gun at my body part at will,But I still don’t worry about reminding me。
Yu Zhe keeps every sentence in his mind,Although hot, most of them are the most obvious and easy to understand,But he didn’t show any signs of impatience,Staring at Shi Mu Luo and talking endlessly,I just hope she can say more。
Count it down,The two have experienced a lot,Whether before or after the truth is revealed。
What kind of feelings does he have for Shi Muluo now?