At this moment, Guo Meili came over,She smiled and said:“Since everyone wants to go,So be it!President Xia finished lunch,Must rest for two hours at noon,Then let’s act,But the weather is not very good,discuss later”
“Oh, Mr. Guo,You are too stingy,Mr. Wang came to see Mr. Xia,I have to take care of the meal at noon!Just let it go,I heard,I bought a lot of gifts”Yao Junli joked。
Guo Meili glanced at Xia Jian and said:“That’s it,If you don’t dislike,Today’s lunch will be arranged in our cafeteria”Guo Meili’s voice just fell,A few women cheered。
Watching everyone so happy,Xia Jian doesn’t have much to say,A few people went back to the staff apartment together。Xia Jian’s lunch was delivered by someone,Guo Meili looked at Xia Jian after eating,And got him on the bed,She will greet others again。
Get into the habit of taking a nap in the hospital,So not long after Xia Jiangang went to bed,Fell asleep。After a good night’s sleep,He was supported by He Jing and Guo Meili,Downstairs。
Five people in total,Everyone to discuss,So he put down Yao Junli’s sports car,Several people are all on Wang Yihua’s Volvo。This car has a lot of memory,Four more women,Sit inside,Can’t feel squeezed at all。
Been in the hospital for so long,One out,Xia Jian found that the air in the countryside is different。When the car passes by Xiping Village,Xia Jian was interested,He kept introducing Wang Yihua to the development of Xiping Village,Especially the vegetable greenhouse that he is proud of,And the farm in Xiping Village。
Wang Yihua drove the car very slowly,Almost stopped。If it wasn’t for Guo Meili said in advance,Seeing her appearance at this moment, it is possible to take Xia Jian to visit the site。
Guo Meili, who was sitting in the back row, reminded in time:“Mr. Wang, hurry up,Let’s go to see the fruit industry base first,When you come back at night,If I have time,I take you to see,But we said yes,President Xia can’t walk around the scene,This will overdraft him too much,Not easy to recover from wounds”
”What a wound!Isn’t it all right!“Xia Jian said impatiently。
Guo Meili doesn’t care if he is the boss or not at this time,But seriously:”On this matter,I have the final say,You have to obey my arrangement,What to cancel this special care,I can make a decision after reporting“
Seeing Xia Jian a little crazy,The women couldn’t help laughing。Suddenly Guo Meili pointed out the car window and said:”Look at,The village I see now,Liuling Village,When this village first started,Gave us a lot of resistance,But now,This village has the best management“
Wang Yihua slowed down,She watched,Smiled and said to Xia Jian:”Really amazing,Backcountry,A place no one cares about,You made me angry,This is a good thing for future generations!Even if this project fails,I am also willing to accept“
”Nonsense?How could it fail,This project can’t be wrong“Yao Junli said happily in the back row。