The cloud show is a little less believed.。
Because he knows what kind of metamorphosis is。
“Lee brother,I will really play or have conflicts.,I may not take care of you.。”
“Hey-hey,fine,If you really have to play, you will run。”
Said that Li Hui is also taking along with each other along the valley.。
It is a gravel forest around the valley.,Grass,As for the pyramid not far away,Li Hui Feng did not pay too much attention,He just pays attention to those who are hidden behind the stone.。
The cloud show naturally found this situation.,He just thought about reminding Li with the wind.。
But I saw that Li Hui Feng walked directly to the pyramid of the front.,Don’t wait for him to mean。
Just walk to the door,But a man with a mask after the stone door inside。
“Please present。”
I heard this,Li Hui also tried directly to the cloud show。
“Lee brother,what happened?”
“Take it to him.。”
Yun Shi heard this,Also directly pick up the post。
Soon, the two people go in.。
An entry,Li Hui Feng discovered that people in it actually bring masks.。
See this scene,Li Hui is also a glimpse。
At this time, the cloud show has also hurried out two masks.,Hand it to Li with the wind。
“Bring together!It seems that this auction is very dangerous.,Otherwise, it will not be so many masks.。”
“You think,Why do you want to wear a mask??
Still not afraid of being recognized?
Why is it afraid of being recognized??
The things that are definitely auction is a priceless treasure.,I am afraid that I have been given up.。”
“Some people once in mind your things,You may have no chance to think about life.。”
In this case,Li Hui Feng is also the first time I heard。
But he is not very much,He is very confident about his strength.。
The entire pyramid is not a so-called golden brilliant,Instead, it is full of a corruption。
The surrounding wall is also carved with a lot of patterns he don’t know.。
But these small details he did not care。
The only thing he care is that today Qin Su Ya will not appear here.。