Xia Jianyi listen,Also understand half。It seems that Chen Jiang did this,Not accidental。This is how to do?
Zhang Yangcun’s project has reached the most critical moment,If more than 100 mu of greenhouses are left unused because of insufficient funds,This loss is too big。
Great flexion and extension,Only stretch unyielding is a worm。But you have to learn to bend and stretch naturally,Xia Jian thought of this,Step forward,Smiled at Chen Jiang and said:“Mayor Chen!I was in a hurry just now,A bit disrespectful to you in words,But I am also anxious for the entire Zhangyang Village“
“Oh!Then you mean you are a good official serving the people,And i am not anymore?“Chen Jiang hits a snake with a stick,He frowned,I asked a question。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Without the support of your city leaders,There would be no glory in Xiping Village,There is no such a model town as Pingyang。Now Zhang Yang Village has reached a critical moment,If you don’t have this loan,The next thing is very difficult,So here I ask Mayor Chen to help Zhang Yangcun“
“Humph!You can really talk,Zhang Yang’s project,So far, the approval process has not been completed,But Xia Jian is fine for you,When we know,Done,Since you have this ability,Then what are you looking for us for?“
Chen Jiang was furious。Qin Xiaomin sitting next to him is very upset,She doesn’t know what kind of hatred there is between Jiang and Xia Jian。to be honest,Xia Jian did this for work,Not for himself。
“Mayor Chen!Xia Village before and after the long run,Be affected,He is not for himself,He wants to make Zhangyang Village the second Xiping Village in Pingyang Town。Thus,Not only the light in the town,Even our city has light。This time in the provincial meeting,Pingyang Town was shown as a model for learning“Qin Xiaomin can’t stand it anymore,She said a little bit unequal。
Chen Jiang sneered:“Mayor Qin!As the deputy mayor of our city in charge of agriculture,It’s a good thing to make achievements in agricultural development,But you have to know,Investment itself is an adventure,How can the situation in our ordinary city allow you to play with so much money?What if it fails”
Chen Jiang pushes three and four,Talk about it,This five million loan cannot be granted to Zhang Yang Village。
Qin Xiaomin furious,She stood up abruptly,She said loudly:“As you say,The early stage of reform and opening up is also a risk,Then our country does not need to change,Can I have today without change?Zhang Yangcun’s project has been verified by experts,No problem,We don’t do it,How to know the result?”
“Mayor Qin!Don’t teach me here。On this matter anyway,I told you all I should say,You have to go your own way,I will not accompany you,Anyway, you are more familiar than me”Chen Jiang is talking,Stood up suddenly,Strode towards the door。
Xia Jian didn’t stop him this time,Because he thinks it won’t make much difference if this person stops。Because he finally figured it out,Chen Jiang had a prejudice against him Xia Jian,This means that someone will come out to interfere in this matter。It’s really weird that Chen Jiang can still care about this at this time。
Qin Xiaomin’s face was pale with anger,She glared at Xia Jian and said:“Go!Everyone is gone,What are we still doing here?”
Xia Jian didn’t say a word,And followed Qin Xiaomin out of Chen Jiang’s office。he knows,At this time, Qin Xiaomin was holding an unknown fire in his heart,He has to be careful,Otherwise, the fire must be sprayed on him。
Because I was delayed in Chen Jiang’s office just now,So it’s already 12:20。In the city government office building at this time,A piece of quiet。