“to make!”
A total of terrible chaotic aura burst out from Li Ming’s body suddenly。
Wooden Xingtiandao,Enlightenment。
The Five Elements and Heavenly Ways are mutually reinforcing and restraining each other,After mastering everything,Li Ming felt that he had a qualitative improvement in his mastery of Chaos Heavenly Dao。
Reach this step,If it’s a true god,It can be called the leader level in the Three Realms。
If you are already an ancestor god or first-class ancestor,In the boundless chaos,Is the top ancestral god level。
of course,Based on Li Ming’s perception of Tao,Back then, Traveling Chaos was intercepted,If not《Heart formation》Time of law,Already very close to the top ancestral god level。
Breakthrough now,The realm has even been elevated to a very strong level among the top ancestors。
of course,Combination is now the fifth state of mind《Heart formation》·Candle Dragon Kaitian,Li Ming estimated that the power that bursts out can definitely reach the peak ancestral god level。
As for which level of the ancestral god can reach the peak,Can even surpass the peak ancestor god,Li Ming is also hard to grasp。
“and,【Nine-fold Chaos Restriction】The eighth realization of,And what I realized is‘Transform’Meaning。”
Li understands the jade fairy sword appears in front of Li Ming,Finger tap。
quickly,The ice and fire contained in the white jade fairy sword continue to evolve,Soon under the internal restrictions,Turned into a simple flying sword of fire,Blazing。
“Cremated soil!”Flying sword becomes thick as mountains and rivers,Just floating there will faintly affect the surrounding space。