These children have experienced,It is also experienced by the people known as the Qing Palace.?
Even more
That is the Qing Palace?
“Well!”When Menqin is invincible,Suddenly I feel that my head is gently knocked.,Surprisingly lifting slightly,Just a pair of light golden scorpions。
“What do you think??”Looking at the beauty of the Meiqin,I can’t help but have some funny in the Qing Dynasty.,“Such?”
“nothing。”Teenager looking at the front,Meiqin can’t help but feel soft,The sound line also has a slight softness.,Let herself be slightly surprised,When you become so gentle。
If you guess it is true, Meiqin can’t help but think,That has been smiling in front of you.,Take the tacit understanding of yourself and help yourself to solve those teenagers,How strong in the heart is in the heart?
“This is really unlike you.。”Meiqin’s voice allows the Qing Palace to scare a hop,I didn’t know what I thought.,Can’t help but laugh,“I know the Yumu Meiqin,Shouldn’t it be a noisy 哩 哩 哩 国 中?When did it become a gentle big lady??”
“You bastard!”Meiqin biting his teeth,All gentle moments in the brain have been hit by this sentence outside the nine.,At the same time, I can’t help but hate the hedgehog of the palace.,Since he shouted a sentence after 哩 哩,In the future, the Qing Dynasty speaks every time.,Inevitable to bring this sentence。She doesn’t know,哩 哔 哩 哩 最,Still the Qing Dynasty to teach him
Because of the presence of the Qing Palace,Now, although Meiqin also knows the above,Just just regard him as a friend of a friend.,Although the two know,But the relationship is completely aleal.。 “but,Can you leave me casually?!”Slowly put away anger,Meiqin looked up and watched the Qing Palace,I don’t know what I think.,The ghost said such a sentence.,After the words are finished,Half-talence reacted,How embarrassment this sentence,Suddenly her pretty face is red.,Hearing a gesture,“I mean,If you have anything, please tell me.。after all,We are friends.!”After the end,Her face can’t help but be more red。
What am I am talking about?
Although not that means
“Do not worry。”Looking at the front of the look twists,Full face,The Qing Dynasty can’t help but laugh,Stretching the soft tea hair,Light but there is no lack of determination,“No matter what happens in the future,I won’t leave you.。”Say,He laughed,A pair,Light golden light slightly flashed。
“Be careful。”Qingguang is slightly bending under the body,On the ear of Meiqin,Light whispers in the ear of full face。
(This chapter is over)
NS137chapter Calculation
“The children were run away.?”In the tenth part of the base,Qing Palace,The bracelet that is slightly, showing him that he is not calm,“Who?Terry Naina?”
“Be right。”Then,The sigh of the slope, the sigh of vicissitudes, passed through the microphone to this,“Formal files with the board of directors,I have to let go。”
Listen to this sentence,The Qing Dynasty is a pair of good-looking eyebrows.。
In his memory,At that time, the Mechanical and Mountain Spring is back.,Should be tracked by Tyui,Then I came to the hospital to take away those children.,So I specially in the hospital to stay in the hospital.,If Tyrui Na is really coming,I will definitely give her a profound lesson.。But I don’t know whether the butterfly effect is still because I spent myself in the hospital.,That Tayrui Nairna did not track the car of Huashanchi,I have waited for one night.,andowletThis sudden long-lost task received a council,The Qing Palace can only leave the hospital helplessly。
Although it is a small task,CurrentowletI can’t tell my hand.,Freelia is taken and protects the beam in the Qing Palace.,Franida received a bountiful task of other organizations in the city.,Yunchukue Yama is going to take a town base,Have no ability,One time Qing Palace actually no one can send,Can only go out。
After completing that task,I just want to go back to the hospital.,Fremeya has a problem again,Let the Qing Palace have rushed backowlet,I just returned to the base butt yet.,The phone of the soul of the soul is hit.。
“Time is really accurate?。”The eyes of the cold in the eyes of the Qing Palace,“Mountain spring?”
“Temporarily stayed here。”The tone of the soul of the soul is worried.,“But her emotions”
“All right,I see。”Qingguang sighed,Eye light gold flashes,“Temporarily let her leave the hospital,Waiting for me to solve these things。”
“good。”The earth is chasing the soul and promised,Subsequently said with no worried tone,“but,Be careful,after all,Woodland”
“Um。”The Qing Dynasty promised,Then hang up the phone。
“What did you??”The Qing Palace just relying on the armchair,A gentle voice came from a side,Qinggang slowly,Just see Yunchuki Yama, which is uniform, slowly pushed the door.。
“Is this just coming from school??”Looking at Yunchuki Yama,Qing Palace, slight eyebrows,Asked。